Rainbow Loom

There are some great deals on Rainbow Looms right now, but as the holidays approach it seems the price tag on this year’s hottest toy is on the rise.

While the loom makes it easier to create complicated patterns, especially for young kids, it’s not necessary. If you aren’t ready to invest in a loom, there are a few bracelets you can make without a loom. All you’ll need are rubber bands and clips, which you can get  for under $4 on Amazon for 600 assorted rubber bands and 25 clips.

Rubber Band Bracelets without Loom

I’ve found a few different ways to make rubber band bracelets without a loom, so you can find one that works best for you!

Create with Your Fingers

Create with Sticks or Pens

Create with a Crochet Hook

Create with a Fork

Have you found any other tutorials to help you create a bracelet without a loom? Share below.

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