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Need some new tips to help you become a Savvy Shopper?

Proctor & Gamble is amazing when it comes to helping you save money!   They have coupons everywhere – online, in newspapers, in magazines, and so many other places.   Plus, they are always a participating item in in-stores Mega Sales and Gift Card Deals.   That’s just one of the reasons their products are so popular.   And, it doesn’t hurt that as a trusted brand, you know you’re going to love what you buy.

Now, they are giving you a new way to save by offering tips to help you take your savings to the next level!   For the next two weeks, “Like” P&G Everday Solutions on Facebook to get tips from me as their Featured Guest Blogger!   This week, I”m sharing ways to take your savings to the next level and next week, I’ll be sharing ways to make saving even more fun.

Don’t miss a Savvy Shopper Secret!   Plus, check out a few of my favorite P&G Brands:

Aussie Gillette Herbal Essences Natural Instincts
Olay Pantene Crest Pepto Bismol
Pringles Scope Always Vicks
Bounty Cascade Charmin Duracell
Downy Febreze Pampers Swiffer
Puffs Tide

Love saving?   Make sure you haven’t missed any great coupons recently!

Disclosure: By request, I am participating as P&G Everyday Solutions Featured Guest Blogger this week, however as always, all opinions and tips shared are my own opinions regardless of affiliation.

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Welcome WTHR Readers!

by Beth Montgomery on November 28, 2010

in Announcements

This post will be “sticking” to the top of the site today.   To get the latest deals, please scroll down.   Thanks!

Welcome WTHR viewers to In Good Cents! I”m here to get you ready for Cyber Monday and help you save this holiday season.

Here’s how you get started:

1. Subscribe to In Good Cents via RSS and/or e-mail AND follow via Facebook and/or Twitter, so you don’t miss a great deal!

2. Check out my tips for Getting Ready & Shopping Savvy on Cyber Monday.

3.   Visit the Holiday Gift Guide for great gift ideas for everyone on your list.

4.   Stop by to enter to win the latest Season of Giving Giveaways!

Happy holidays and have fun shopping and saving!

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This week’s Boot Camp Challenge is to gather coupons, so I’ve got the perfect deal to go with it.   From now until   July 26 at 5:00 PM, you can subscribe to the Indianapolis Star subscription for Sunday and Thursday for only $0.99 per week when you sign up with EZ Pay.   That’s only $4.30 per month!

And the best news?   The subscription is for 52 weeks!

Included in the subscription is –

  • 12 Sunday Isssues
  • 12 Thursday Isssues
  • 6 Holiday Special Isssues

So, sign up for an entire year of the Indianapolis Star for only $0.99 a week!

Thanks Veronique!

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Red Plum: Now Gone in Indy!

by Beth Montgomery on April 28, 2010 · 20 comments

in Announcements, Coupons & Rebates

I’m sorry guys!   I got a horrible virus and hid under the covers, so while you’ve been sending me worried e-mails, I haven’t had a chance to update you.   Here I am now to give you the sad new…

Yes, it’s true!

I talked about Red Plum inserts disappearing from newspapers around the United States long ago, and now it’s our turn, Hoosiers.

Starting this weekend, the Indianapolis Star will no longer offer the Red Plum coupon insert.   You may still be able to get it through a few local newspapers.   I’ve also heard rumors that you may find them in the weekly Red Plum home mailer that comes on Wednesday and includes the Marsh Supermarket circular, but that’s not my understanding.   My understanding is that simply includes local savings for services and not the grocery coupons.   I can’t confirm or deny though, since I didn’t get mine today. Hopefully it will appear tomorrow and I’ll know for sure if our Red Plum is gone forever or just our days of buying multiple papers to get more of the best coupons.

Sigh… I just don’t even know where to start.   Some stores, treat me like a criminal when I come in with Internet coupons and scrutinize every single one, so I tend to use insert and standard coupons more than anything else.   I might just explode with frustration if I can’t get the Red Plum insert any longer!   The coupons they offer online don’t even compare to the ones in the insert more often than not!

Update: My husband thinks exploding might be overreacting just a little bit and has convinced me to have a less dramatic reaction.

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Television advertisers are struggling with ways to get us to watch television commercials, plus competing with the interactive fun of the Internet.   With TiVo and DVR, there’s no reason for us to even bother with commercials any   more.

I know I’m guilty!   I tape my shows even if I plan to watch them “live”, so I can sit down about 15 minutes after it starts and fast-forward through all the commercials.   I figure it’s good for me, because it cuts down how much time I spend in front of the tube?   That’s good logic, right?   It has to be a seriously eye catching commercial to get me to even stop, especially since I’d have to see it as it flies by my screen.

And this is probably why television advertising is 60% less effective now than two years ago!

Advertisers are getting crafty through.   A friend just e-mailed me to tell me that her TiVo just asked her if she wanted a coupon for Charmin!   Now that would (obviously) grab my attention!

Advertisers know, the longer they can keep our attention, the more likely we are to buy the product.   Now, popular brands like Proctor & Gamble, Burger King, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, and Kraft are releasing interactive television advertisements with games, coupons, and videos through many television providers from cable to TiVo.

If you have cable, satellite, DVD, or or TiVo, you may see ads popping up soon, if you haven’t already.   It may tell you to turn to a certain channel for more information or click a button on your remote and with a few simple steps, you could be playing a game, watching a video, or applying for your coupon via mail.   Our pre-recorded shows may no longer be safe from advertisements, but if I’m getting a good coupon, I might not care.

And while interactive ads are expensive and time consuming for advertisers, since each television provider uses different technology and needs their own format, early reports are showing that it’s working!   TiVo is showing proof that many views, 3.5 millin in fact, are checking out the ads and spending an average of 5 minutes playing around with them.

Hmmm… I wonder if it will last though.   The one-upon-a-time Marketer in me tends to think when it comes to viewing habits, I’d check it out if it said “coupon” definitely.   But, for other interactive ads, I’d probably check out a few while they’re new, but once the novelty wore off,   I think they’d start to annoy me just like the other commercials that interrupt my programs just when I’m really getting into them.

On the other hand… seriously!?! Where can’t you get a coupon these days!   Someday am I not going to blink an eye when my kids toys tell me they are running low on batteries and ask if I’d like an Energizer coupon?   As often as I forget to change those batteries, that’s probably a feature I need.

What do you think?   Has anyone seen them?

And are those coupons any good or the same as those you’d get in your newspaper insert? I don’t know… I don’t have TiVo!

And thanks Laura, for letting me know your television is dishing out coupons!

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I don’t get the Sunday paper so I don’t have a lot of the print coupons that can be used in deals.   How can I maximize my savings with only online coupons and coupons that I receive in the mail directly from various companies?   Any other ways of obtaining coupons other than paying for them?

Reader’s Survey


This is a hard one for me, because I so want to tell you to sign up for the newspaper!   You can get a coupon code inside to get it for as low as $0.50 a paper or $1 for a week.   It will more than pay for it’s self with the coupons you use.   However, if you don’t want to purchase a newspaper, you can snag coupons FREE from many sources.

Here’s 10 wonderful sources for FREE coupons:

  1. Make use of online coupon sites like Smart Source, Red Plum, Cool Savings, and
  2. Collect coupon in-store from blinkies and tearpads.
  3. Sign up for Facebook to make use of the freebies and coupons available to fans.
  4. Register with store and manufacturer websites to get exclusive coupons via e-mail and mail.
  5. Collect online samples for the high-value coupons that typically come with them.
  6. Become a member of rewards sites like MyPoints, UPromise, and Vocalpoint for the coupon offers.
  7. Look inside product packages to find hidden coupons.   I just found one inside a package of Dentek Floss Picks today.
  8. Register your loyalty cards on sites like Cellfire and Shortcuts for e-coupons
  9. Print store coupons online from stores that offer coupons like Kroger, Target, and Meijer
  10. Pick up ads in-store to get coupons inside from companies like CVS, Walgreens, Meijer, and Baesler’s Market

That being said, 82% of coupons come from newspaper inserts.   And a large number of coupons I use are from the newspaper or All You Magazine.   But, you don’t have to necessarily buy a newspaper to get the coupons.

Here are 5 legal ways to snag a few FREE inserts:

  1. Ask neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family who don’t use their newspaper coupons if you can have them.   A large amount of coupon inserts are simply thrown away.
  2. Visit stores or gas stations on Sunday at the very end of the day and ask if they mind if you take the leftovers.   Many stores throw theirs out at the end of the day and appreciate someone taking them off their hands, so they don’t have to bundle them up and waste them.   Plus, it saves them a trip to the dumpster.
  3. Make use of your time by clipping coupons from newspapers in waiting rooms when you are at the doctor’s office, car repair shop, hair dressers, or wherever!
  4. If you live in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, call and see if you can get the Yes! Shopper’s Guide.   It’s name varies by location, but it’s delivered FREE to certain zipcodes and includes a few coupon inserts.   Start your subscription by calling: 1-888-357-7827.
  5. If all else fails, dumpster dive.   It sounds gross and I’ve never done it myself, but I hear you can pick up extra newspapers behind stores and the newspaper’s headquarters.   You don’t actually have do dive in the dumpster.   According to my sources, they are often out and available to snag one or two FREE.

Help us out! Have a great coupon source? Or a way to get FREE inserts?   Share!

Have a question you’d like answered? Submit it now!

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