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Did you realize you could buy coupons?   Okay not really.   Buying coupons is technically illegal, but you can pay someone else to clip them for you.   By doing this, you can get:

  • Whole Inserts
  • High-Value Coupons
  • Rare Coupons
  • Multiple Identical Coupons
  • FREE Product Coupons

Of course, paying for coupons isn’t always sensible when there are so many FREE ones everywhere.   So, what coupons should you consider purchasing?

  • High-value coupons not available in your area.
  • High-value coupons for products you often purchase.
  • Coupons for products you often purchase, but don’t often release coupons.
  • Rare coupons for products you often purchase.
  • FREE product coupons

You see, if you love Tide and only use Tide, but usually only have $0.25 coupons, it make sense to spend $0.05 a coupon to buy some $1/1 or $1.50/1 when they are available.   Get it?

So, where do you buy them?   Be careful. You can bid on coupons on sites like e-Bay, but you have no way of knowing if it’s a legitimate retailer or if you’re going to end up with something sketchy or illegal.   This is why I recommend that you go with legitimate well-known clippers like:

Can’t wait for coupons?   Search the coupon database to find coupons for everything on your list.

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