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My Zombie Insurance

Admit it you. You have that one friend who is majorly (or minorly) obsessed with zombies! The dreaded Zombie Invasion is so big right now, even the Center for Disease control took time to release tips on how to prepare.

So, what do you get that person? How about their very own Zombie Insurance! For those who are worried (or obsessed), prevention is key and giving the gift that will help them rebuild their life after that Zombie Invasion occurs, will just be perfect.

Your Zombie Insurance Kit includes:

  1. Thick plastic membership card (looks like a credit card)
  2. High-quality embossed membership certificate
  3. Zombie protection decal for your front windows (like alarm system warning decal)

About My Zombie Insurance: Founded in 2009 by Sam, then-18-year-olds, MyZombieInsurance.com is the very first zombie insurance company. ZI is a popular birthday and holiday gift for teenagers and adults alike – anyone who has a good sense of humor and/or a minor (or major!) obsession with zombies.

Exclusive Coupon: Use this special link to save on your purchase of Zombie Insurance – only $8.99 (typically $12.95) through In Good Cents.

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About Your Time, LLC: Busy Body Book

As a mom, trying to keep your schedule, plus your kids, and even your husbands, straight seems like an impossible task sometimes! I’ve tried so many different things – calendars, online programs, you name it. It never seems to work and something always slips through the cracks (or you’re running out the door at the last minute, like me!)

Busy Body Books are designed for moms! There’s a place for birthdays, a monthly calendar, to-do list, a special spot for future events, removeable shopping list, contact list, and a weekly view with a column for each person in your family. Oh, and pockets! Moms can always use more pockets.

You’ll find a lot more to organize your family at About Your Time, such as grid pad calendars, wall calendars, and academic planners. No matter your planning style, there’s something to help you keep everyone’s schedule straight! It may not keep you from losing your mind, but it will probably help.

Price: $17.95

About About Your Time, LLC: About Your Time LLC provides the tools for EVERY family to support the organization of their daily, and very hectic life. Each family member, having their own individual needs, requires help with planning and management. BusyBodyBook’s Weekly GRID was created to provide parents with a smoother flow of their routines and activities and help eliminate some of the stress in daily life, more enjoyment, perhaps more free time.

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Chloe’s Collars: Pet Collars

You can’t forget your four-legged family members! They definitely deserves something special too for warming your feet, barking at suspicious sounds, and keeping you company.

I had the hardest time picking something for my pet at Chloe’s Collars. They offer so many cute collars, leashes, and even bow ties! My girls were pretty insistent our dogs needed bow ties.

Even better, they aren’t like collars you’ll find in stores. They are handmade using trendy fabrics, bright colors, and high-quality materials. Our dogs are strong, but these collars are sturdy enough for even them.

Plus, think how much cooler you’ll look walking your dog with a stylish leash.

Price: prices start at $10

About Chloe’s Collars: Chloe’s Collars offers Custom Handmade Dog Collars and Leashes with metal buckles! These dog collars give a high style look compared to your everyday plastic buckles. I use high quality ribbon or fabric, nylon webbing, and nickel plated metal hardware for all of my collars. Each product is handmade with love and care for you and your furry friend.

Also available are fabulous lanyards and key chains. They make great gift items for teachers, nurses, students, co-workers, and family!

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Plum District: Local Luxury for Less

Plum District is one of those sites that I check daily for great deals. It’s where I buy luxury items that I wouldn’t necessarily purchase otherwise. Prices are so great, I’ve even bought mani and pedis for a girls day out with my two young daughters and wasn’t even bothered by the fact that my four-year-old had most of her nail polish off by the end of the day.

You can find just about anything from a discount Android Tablet to organic food discounted at last 50% off, so it’s a great place to keep watch for holiday deals!

About Plum District: Plum District offers daily deals moms love. It is By Moms For Moms – a community of moms sharing deals from local and national merchants for other moms to enjoy. Plum District puts Mom first by connecting her with products and inspirations that make her life easier.

Exclusive Coupon: goodcents

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More Great Gift Ideas

Conduit Press

Features: Hollow Books & Leather Journals

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