Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Everyone

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Health Tools, LLC

My husband is obsessed with this weight and struggles, but I don’t give it much thought.   That was until I weighed my food and realized I was eating… well, I don’t even want to admit how many pounds of food per meal! Now we’re eating more appropriate portions and Scott’s already lost a bit of weight with ease.

The EatSmart Precision Pro is amazingly easy to use whether you are dieting, cooking, baking, or fighting over the age old question of who has more (that was my kids).   Plus, it subtracts the weight of your plate, includes a FREE calorie guide, and is small, so it’s easy to store.

About Health Tools LLC: HealthTools LLC is a manufacturer, designer and distributor of healthcare education products into the North American market since 2005.

Exclusive Coupon Code: Grab one on Amazon where this scale is currently 44% off regular price!

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Amy Cornwell Designs

Design your own heirloom!   What a wonderful idea.   And I was thrilled with mine, the beautiful “You Are The Key” necklace.   My daughter, however, is   still complaining that it has my initial on it, so she can’t kidnap it for herself. Looking for unique jewelry that is perfect for everyone from your wife to your teen?   There’s something for all personalities and since you design it, you stay within any budget.

Amy Cornwell Designs also offers trendy medical alert bracelets,   clutches & pouches, custom jewelry to support your school or team, and more!

About Amy Cornwell Designs: Amy Cornwell designs handstamped and personalized items for the whole family. Items are custom with charms starting as low as $3. Items are made with sterling silver, gold filled and copper materials.

Exclusive Coupon Code: Use ingoodcents to save 10% on your purchase at Amy Cornwell Designs.   Limit 1 per customer. Expires December 10, 2010.

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Green Field Paper Company

Every year, I get holiday cards.   I proudly display them in my home through December, then in January I throw them away.   This year, want to make your holiday card the one everyone keeps?

These cards to the left look like beautiful, but regular holiday cards.   However, they don’t look or feel like regular holiday cards at all.   Each one is infused with wildflower seeds and made from 100% post-consumer pulp and soy ink.   And, the coolest part, you can plant the entire Grow-a-Note card after the holidays to grow beautiful wildflowers in your garden or home.   What a wonderful way to send someone a holiday card and something they can enjoy throughout the whole year!

Check out their collection of Junk Mail and Recycle cards too!   They give a whole new meaning to junk mail.

About Green Field Paper Company: Green Field Paper handmade paper has been crafted one sheet at a time in San Diego, California. Their machine-made Hemp Heritage  paper is manufactured in New England, home of the first American paper mills. Their handmade paper includes Grow A Note ® seed embedded plantable paper, our 100% Junk Mail ® infused with our own junk mail paper, and many more.

Exclusive Coupon Code: Save 10% on your purchase with BF10. Exp. 12/4/10.

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Steel Dreaming Designs
Need a beautiful way to display your holiday cards? Family memories? Shopping list? Steel Dreaming Designs designs magnetic boards that are so sleek and stylish, you may not want to put anything on them!

These sturdy steel boards, covered with your choice of cloths ranging from simple to bold, are practical and fun. It’s the perfect gift for your boss, co-worker, friend, Grandma, or anyone who has something to display (so everyone really.)

About Steel Dreaming Designs: Steel Dreaming Designs is the collaborative work of two friends who enjoy creating fun, funky and functional products for the home or office. Magnet boards are created from solid steel and covered in a variety of the trendiest fabrics on the market. Use these delightful products to keep coupons handy, to-do lists at your fingertips or display favorite photos.

Exclusive Coupon Code: Save 10% on your purchase with INGOODCENTS. Exp. 12/25/10.

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Viva Editions
Perfect for the frugal person in your family!   Viva Editions offers books, like The Frugal Foodie Cookbook and Fix It, Make It, Grow It, Bake It: The D.I.Y. Guide to the Good Life!

I LOVE these books!   The Frugal Foodie Cookbook is filled with great money saving recipes, but also have little tidbits to help you stretch meals and save at the grocery store.   The D.I.Y. Guide is an eco-friendly guide to help you save money by doing-it-yourself, from homemade remedies to gardening!

About Viva Editions: Viva Editions are books that inform, enlighten, and entertain.   And while Viva Editions is a line of books that are as fun as they are informational, the intention behind Viva is very serious”these are books that are truly helpful and intended to enhance people’s lives.

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Memory on Hand
How many times have you wanted to share something or wanted to get something on your computer, but it wasn’t around?   Memory-on-Hand is a funky bracelet that is also a USB Flash Drive!

Wear it to class, conferences, or whenever, so you always have memory-on-hand.   My daughter, Ady, says that it’s the coolest bracelet, since they come in a variety of bold colors!

About Memory on Hand: Memory-On-Hand is introducing vitalizing style to a jaded area of flash memory. We provide people with better product solutions to carrying their digital files wherever they go, introducing style and portability as the core values of our products. Our products are geared towards students with busy lifestyles, who have multiple locations of computing and need constant access to their files wherever they are. We have designed our MoH bands to give our customers a sense of style and self-expression that match their portable needs.

Exclusive Coupon Code: Save 25% on your purchase with Holiday25. Exp. 12/31/10.

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My Grandmother-in-Law has family spread from one corner to another and she so rarely gets to see them.   While our busy lives speed by, so many of us forget to call the ones we loves as often as we should.   While the VoiceQuilt isn’t a phone call, it’s a way to be with others you love and send them a message that last forever.

Simply set up a project and invite your family to call in to leave a message for the recipient.   The end result will be a beautiful keepsake box that plays your messages whenever opened.   It was so much fun to make and I can’t way to see Grandma Shirley’s face when she opens it.   I cried simply finishing it up!

About VoiceQuilt: We created VoiceQuil so that it would be easy for families and groups to celebrate a special person or couple with heart-felt toasts, tributes and memories. We believe that an individual’s favorite expressions, laughter and tone convey much more than words or images.

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The Burger Buddy

I’m a burger fanatic, but since I had my son, I can’t stand the grease.   The Burger Buddy removes all that!   Cook burgers the way you love them, then add extra flavor to through The Burger Buddy as you press out excess grease and fat to make your meat even leaner!

It’s incredibly easy and packs the burger with an extra boost of flavor.   What a wonderful way to watch our weight and enjoy a the great old American burger!

About Abernathy Enterprises: Abernathy Enterprises is solely owned and operated by Dr. Frank Abernathy, the inventor of The Burger Buddy   Fat Reducer. Frank has also written a novel called The Tower of Mount Everest which can also be found at the website as a giveaway item or for purchase:

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me & Goji

We LOVE cereal! And, as a mom, I’m always on the hunt for cereal that the kids will love, but is still healthy enough for me to feel like I’m providing them with a good breakfast (or snack). It’s a struggle.

One thing I’ve learned as a mom though, is that kids are more likely to eat foods they make. me & goji is a custom artisan cereal shop where you can design your own cereal! How cool is that?

Choose a healthy base, like Choco Granola or Healthy Hoops, toss in a few enhancements like NutMeg, or Choco Peanuts, select a few of your favorite dried fruits like Apples or Strawberries, and finally, add nuts or seeds. Then, tada! You have your own custom cereal that’s both health and definitely something you’ll enjoy, because you designed it yourself!

About Me & Goji: me & goji is the first custom cereal & granola company where you can design your own cereal from 60+ all-natural ingredients, name your creation, and upload a picture right to the label! Cereal then arrives in a Cereal Capsule, designed for portability and keeping your mix fresh.

Exclusive Coupon Code: Enter GOODCENTS to save 10% on your purchase!

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EZ Prints

The name says it all, really. Typically when I try to make a custom photo gift, I spend so much time getting the photo to look right on the item, then when it arrives, I’m rarely happy with it. With EZ Prints, I designed an ornament so quick and when it arrived, it was beautiful!

EZPrints has beautiful high-quality custom photo gifts and prints for every need, from fun t-shirts to adorable growth charts! Make a phone skin for the techie in your family, a hoodie for Dad, an apron for Grandma, and jewelry for Mom, or whatever you image.

Discount: Save 20% on your purchase with CENTS20. Exp. 12/31/10.

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Nothing says beautiful quality like Oneida! Since I was a little girl, I grew up with Oneida products all around me, since my Grandma was a huge fan. With elegant holiday settings on discount and durable kitchenware, it’s the perfect gift for someone just starting out, in need of an update, or simply just because.

Oneida isn’t just about kitchenware though. Check out the fun stuff for babies and kids, like cookie making kits, apron & chef’s hat, cupcake making kits and so much more for little ones to have fun in the kitchen too!

The best part about Oneida is that you know you purchase is going to last and you can count on being happy with whatever you select.

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I did not receive payment from any of the businesses featured in the Holiday Gift Guide. However, some featured businesses have provided me with products for review. Regardless of compensation, all opinions expressed in reviews are, as always, my own. For more information, please visit my disclosure policy.

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