Using the Coupon Database


The Coupon Database is designed to help you quickly find unexpired coupons currently available from multiple different sources.   The Coupon Database is updated daily and list coupons available via:

  • Newspaper Inserts
  • Magazines
  • Manufacturer & Coupon Websites
  • In-Store
  • In-Ad & In-Circular
  • Home   Mailers
  • And More!

The Coupon Database does include links to printable coupons, however the other coupons listed must be located in the source listed and are not available through the Coupon Database.   However, you may purchase many through Coupon Clipping Services.

You may want to read Couponing Lingo decifer common couponing terms & abbreviations and help you understand and locate available coupons.

How to Search & Find Coupons

1.   Start by entering a general term in the “Search” field such as “Olay”.   If the search results are too broad, narrow the results by searching for more detailed terms such as “Olay Body Wash”.

2. Use “Advanced Search” to narrow your search.   You may filter to only view “Printable” coupons you can immediately print from home, find coupons for a particular store, and many other filters to get what you need.

3.   Look through the “Descriptions” and “Value” to find coupons you need or want.

4. Check out the “Limitations”   to find out any exclusions or restrictions that apply to the coupon and “Stores” to see if a coupon is only usable at a particular store.

5. Once you found a coupon you want, check out the “Source”.   You may click any coupon that says “Printable” or is linked taken to the website where you may print the coupon or get more information on finding the coupon.   Other coupons may be found where listed.   See common Couponing Term & Abbreviations to understand the coupon “Source” and locate coupons.

Understanding Sources

The “Source” or where a coupon listed in the Coupon Database may be found may be very confusing for some.   Please read the Couponing Term & Abbreviations to fully understand the coupon “Source” and locate coupons.   However, to help get you get started quickly , below are a few examples:

Example Location
SS 08/07/11 Found in the Smart Source located in August 7, 2011 newspapers
Peelie This coupon is a peelie found on some products in store.
Target, Back to School Mailer Found in the Target Back-to-School home mailer delivered by mail to some homes.
ALL YOU Aug ’11 Located in the August 2011 issue of All You Magazine.

Tips & Tricks

  • Many coupons may vary by region or suddenly become unavailable.   To help keep the Coupon Database as up-to-date as possible, please help by using the “!” next to listed coupons to report any errors and make sure to Submit New Coupons not currently listed.
  • Coupons are often listed as described on the coupon, so if you end up with more results than you expected or not enough results, try refining your search.   For example, searching “Helpers” will not include coupons listed as “Hamburger Helper” or “Helper Skillet Entrees”.   Try first searching “Helper”.
  • Some coupons, such as Printables, may no longer be available.   These are marked with NLA.   However, for those who were lucky enough to get the coupon when it was available, these coupons are still included in the Coupon Database if they have t expired to serve as a reminder that the coupon is usable.
  • You may filter by “Type” to only view Printable Coupons you may print at home.

Search the Coupon Database Now!

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