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For a one-day crash course on couponing, checkout my e-book Online Couponing in a Day for Dummies. It’s packed with tips for new and experienced couponers and designed to help you cut your grocery budget using online tools!

New to couponing? This is the place to start. First, let me say welcome and I hope to teach you much, do you can spend less!

Sales?! Coupons?! Stacking?! Rolling?! ECB?!

Many of the following courses were part of the 30-Days of Saving Soiree e-Courses series which ran through the month of April 2010, along with some supplemental courses to provide you additional information. It has been reorganized to simplify finding what you need quickly.

The following are general tips and tricks. Keep in mind that each store varies. For more detailed information you can read about the different stores. Or, find out more about making the most of In Good Cents!



Quick Start

It’s a lot of information and overwhelming for newbies. I know! But, eventually, you’ll thank me for it. Until then, to “quick start” watch these videos, particularly Coupons 101 and Coupons 201 –

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Getting Started

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Sales 101

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Coupons 101

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Coupons 201

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Preparing to Shop

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Rolling Rewards

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Put it to Practice

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Frugal Tips

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How does the e-courses differ from the other Savings Soiree classes?

Savings Soiree classes are interactive and therefore change depending on the audience. In person, you have an opportunity to ask questions and get the answers you need to help you cut your grocery budget dramatically. Plus, I provide slides, examples, visuals, and hands-on learning opportunities to reach each learning style.

Though the e-courses are similar, there are a few variations. Each goes into depth in different areas and touches upon different information.

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Got it? You will! Practice makes perfect. Jump in and check out the latest deals.

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