Deals at Menards

I’m excited to tell you that there is a new free grocery list app that will help you save time and money on your grocery shopping. The Favado app compiles grocery deals from leading expert deal bloggers and puts them all in one spot for you! It even includes the wonderful grocery deals found here on In Good Cents!

Free Grocery List App Features

Grocery Savings Mobile App

Grocery Savings on the Go!

Struggling to find time to sit down and make your shopping list? With Favado, you can make your shopping list on the go – on your lunch break, while waiting at the bus stop, or even during endless soccer practices.

Compare Grocery Prices

Compare Grocery Store Prices to Find the Best Deal & Search by Product

Need to run by the store after work, because you are out of coffee? Favado lets you search nearby stores to compare grocery prices and find the best deal. Favado includes many top stores and more are being added daily, plus deals are localized to make sure they’re more accurate.

Find Best Grocery Deals

Personalize Grocery Deals to Match Your Shopping Habits.

Always searching for the best deals on bottled water, because you go through it like… well… water? You can search by product on Favado and even get personalized notifications when products you love are on sale.

Find Grocery Coupons

Includes Bonus Savings Like Coupons and More.

Not only will you find great sales, but Favado takes it one step further by giving you all the additional savings, like coupons, cash back, rebates, and more.

How to Start Saving with Favado

  1. Sign up online with Favado.
  2. You’ll get an email with links to download Favado on your mobile device.
  3. Once you download, open the app and sign-in with the information you used to register!

Enjoy the savings!

Some of the links within this post are sponsored links. Please read our disclosure policy for details.

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Indiana Grocery Deals
Have you noticed In Good Cent’s new coupon matchup and grocery list feature? Here’s a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of it!

All The Store’s Deals on One Page

Grocery Tabs

Each store now has it’s on coupon matchup page and the link will never change, so bookmark your favorites to check often. When a store has multiple ads or on-going ads, there will be separate tabs available. That way it’s easy to find all the deals including Mega Sales, Back-to-School Deals, Weekly Ads, and more on one page!


Easy to Follow Deals

Everything you need to grab a deal is in one place including:

  • Product Description & Size
  • Sale Price
  • Rewards & Special Deals
  • Limitations & Restrictions
  • Variety of Matching Coupons & Rebates

Top Deals Are Starred

Top Deals

Sick of searching through lists to find the best deals? Now you’ll find a bright yellow star next to the deals we think are the bests deals each week!

Out of Pocket & Final Price Listed

Coke Deal

Instead of listing the final price after coupons, rebates, rewards, and everything else, you’ll now see an out -of-pocket price, which is the price you’ll pay at the cash register, plus a final price which includes any rewards or rebates you’ll earn later.

Confusing Deals Explained

Confusing Deal

Wondering how we came up with the final price? If a deal uses multiple coupons and may be confusing, you’ll see an explanation of how we got that final price at the very end of the deal.

Expired Coupons Are Marked Out

Gatorade Deal

Hate wading through coupons to see which ones are expired? Now expired coupons and  coupons that are no longer available will be crossed out to make it easy to quickly spot them.

Easily Build Multi-Store Shopping Lists & Add Your Own Items

Shopping List

Add deals from multiple stores to one shopping list, plus easily add your own items to your list.

Deals Grouped by Grocery Department

Deals Grouped by Aisle

Deals in each store’s matchups and on your grocery list will be grouped together by department to make shopping quicker.

Email or Print Your List Or Share on Social Media

Email List

Once you create your list, you can email it to yourself or another friend or family member or you can click the printer button to instantly print it at home.

Click the social media links at the top of each store’s coupon matchup page to easily share a list with friends on Facebook or Twitter! 

Tell Us What YOU Think!

After you check out all the features make sure to take my Survey on New Grocery Deals to help me decide which stores to add in the future.

Have feedback or ideas to improve the Printable Lists Feature?  We’d love if you’d leave feedback for the designer of this wonderful feature!

More Ways to Save

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In Good Cents has made some changes recently in our grocery matchups. We’ll be adding a few new stores, so please let us know which stores you’d most like to see appear on the site by taking this quick survey.

If you have time, we’d love you to give us some additional demographic information and feedback, but this is completely optional. If you decide to skip this portion, just scroll down to the “Done” button to submit your survey.

**If you can’t see this survey, please visit the survey online here:

Thank you for your time and feedback!

All starred (*) items are required.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

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Menards Black Friday Ad (Sneak Peek)

by Beth Montgomery on November 20, 2012

in Holidays, Menards, Retail Deals, Store Deals

Black Friday is on Friday, November 23, 2012 and doors open at Menards at 5 AM. Before you shop, make sure to read my tips for Surviving Black Friday.

Thanks to Sarah of Sarah’s Deals for sharing the Menards Black Friday Deals.

Continue to preview the Menards Black Friday Ad and Deals…

[CLICK HERE for more…]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are enjoying this day off with your family and friends. Enjoy the turkey and rest up for Black Friday tomorrow (or Thanksgiving Day sales if you’re heading out later today.)  But, before you start shopping, take the time to be thankful for what everything good in your life.

But, if you plan to hit the sales tomorrow, don’t forget to also take some time to plan!

Shop Smart!

Don’t get overly excited by the words “Black Friday” and assume everything is a deal.  It’s not! Last year, I put together a list of what not to buy on Black Friday and what to buy on Black Friday.  Do your research and make sure you know what would be a good sale price and what would be a great sale price.

Shopping in store or online?

Experts are predicting (and from what I saw, it’s true), that sales will be as good or better this year online! In fact, many Black Friday sales are happening online tomorrow too.  So, don’t be afraid to avoid the crowd and bunker down at midnight at the computer for online shopping!  Unfortunately, you can’t sleep in.  Sales online start bright and early too and the best things go fast!

Remember, Cyber Monday is coming up Monday and deals look like they may get even better!

Look for Black Friday coupons!

I’ve been busy compiling a list of Black Friday ads, along with printable coupons available for Black Friday shopping.  Keep watch on the Black Friday 2011 page for updates and check to see if there are any coupons for the stores you’ll be hitting!

There’s FREE Eats & FREE Treats!

The best part of Black Friday is the FREEbies you can pick up, from FREE food to FREE cameras! I’ve also compiled a lit of Black Friday Restaurant FREE Stuff and Deals, as well as a list of Black Friday Doorbuster Freebies.  There may be additions to this list as well, so check back.

Black Friday Coupon Codes

Shopping online? There’s coupons for that too!  In fact, my amazing friends at have put together a wonderful database of Black Friday online coupons for popular stores. There are over 500 Black Friday coupons in it, so make sure to search and save before you shop!

Click “Get Code” or “Shop Now” to apply the discount, since some are special links only available here!

Black Friday Survival Tips

Make sure to read my top Black Friday Survival Tips on everything from how to dress, to how to plan!  They are from last year, but they are still accurate.

Download & Turn On Shopkick

Get your Smartphone ready with the FREE Shopkick app!  You can get bonus Kickbucks for making purchases with your Visa card at select stores, just for walking into stores, and scanning items.  Offer are ranging up to 1,000 bonus Kickbucks.

Plus, you never know when Shopkick will reward you for walking into a store with a great coupon you can use!

In Good Cents fan can still get a FREE $25 gift card or signing up and checking into one participating store.

Have fun!

My grandpa once told me, if there’s something you want so bad that you can’t live without it, then the first thing you should do is live without it.  At the time, this was the comment standing between me and a beautiful yellow sports car, but I’ve matured since then and seen the wisdom in his words.  Stuff is just stuff.

If you’re going Black Friday shopping, don’t forget to breath!  Be kind to the people around you and your overworked, probably very anxious, cashier. If you miss a deal, more will come along. Just keep your eyes open.
The holiday season is upon us. Find holiday savings here:


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MenardsTop 10 Deals

Menards Sale: November 13 – 20, 2011

Here are the Top 10 Deals from Menards brought to you by Sarah at Sarah’s Deals. Visit her site to get the full list!

{ About Menards }

Sorry, expired!
More Deals

Find more great store deals to help you save!

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