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With so many changes in our lives, In Good Cents has recently been neglected. As much as I love In Good Cents and have enjoyed sharing with you, we’ve decided it’s time for a change here as well.

Of course, change takes time, but in the meantime, here’s read on to find out how to find great deals anytime.

Where to Find Deals

Store Deals & Coupon Matchups

Instead of weekly posts, the store deals and coupon matchups can now be found at the same page every week. These deals are update the day the deals start or earlier, so bookmark these pages to get the latest deals each week.


**Be sure to check each tab to see all the deals and sales happening now.

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Other Deals & Offers

What Changes to Expect

What can you expect from the reimagined In Good Cents? For starters, a new name and look to go with a new purpose, but we’ll reveal that later! In the meantime, here’s a little of what you can expect in the future.

What Will Stay

  • Store Deals & Coupon Matchups, plus NEW stores including:
    • Costco Wholesale (Nationwide)
    • Dollar General (Nationwide)
    • KMart (Nationwide)
    • Sam’s Club (Nationwide)
    • Trader Joe’s (Nationwide)
  • Grocery Coupons & Rebates
  • Online Shopping Coupons
  • Birthday Freebies
  • Family Events Calendar (Central Indiana)

New Things to Come


  • Compare Deals Store-to-Store
  • Search stores to find the lowest price on products you need


  • Free Printables (Car Games, Organizing, and More)
  • Ideas for Entertaining Kids
  • Once-a-Month Cooking & Meal Plan Ideas


  • Tips & Hints for Bloggers
  • Services for Bloggers

Our new site is already up and running, but we’re putting lots of finishing touches on it to get it ready for you! Please be patient and stay tuned…

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We all have power. How do you use yours? Via @InGoodCents

The Internet is so powerful. You can get answers, connect with loved ones, buy groceries, read news around the world, or plan a vacation. You can return a photo after a tornado carried it miles away. Return a lost credit card to a stranger.  Come together with millions for one family and support them while they never give up. Take away the financial burden for a family who just lost a child, when you can’t take away their pain. Blackout websites in the largest online protest to stop a bill that will censor our words. You can save a life. You can change the world.

Or you can complain. You can hurt others. You can cause tears. You can cast stones.

“Sometimes, the Internet can feel like a middle-school playground populated by brats in ski masks who name-call and taunt with the fake bravery of the anonymous. But sometimes – thank goodness – it’s nicer than real life.” (Susan Orlean)

As a blogger, I open myself up to criticism by putting my life online. I share my thoughts, photos of my kids, and a little bit about my family. I’ve learned quickly that those who have negative things to say will always be the most vocal and those who are happy, often remain quiet.

I’ve been lucky. The complaints I’ve received have always come in emails and comments on my own page where I can easily reply. But, I know I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I’ve made lots of them. The thought that one of these mistakes will be picked up and spread across the Internet to haunt me forever scares me. Maybe I could handle it, but what if it hurt my family too?

Last week a Philadelphia blogger sent out an email to local restaurants hoping to build a relationship. She offered to barter services – advertising on her site and social media outlets in exchange for a free meal for her family.

One of the restaurants she contacted sent her email to a local e-magazine, who published it online in a condescending article, along with her email and phone number. The article was picked up by other blogs and websites, calling her desperate and even the worst blogger in Philly. It was shared, tweeted, “liked”, and reblogged. These websites are rejecting supportive comments and publishing the hurtful ones. Now she is being showered with hateful comments and phone calls.

Why? Was her pitch worded poorly? Probably. Did she over estimate her worth? Maybe. We really don’t have enough information to know. Is her request out of line? No. It’s common to barter services, especially in the blogging industry. Is it because she promised positive promotion? She didn’t promise an honest review. She’s offering promotion (advertising), which should be positive or it’s not valuable. Is she a horrible person? Honestly, I don’t really care.

“No one deserves to be hurt, no one deserves to be betrayed. What comes around goes around, be careful with your ways.” (Tiffany Alvord)

It doesn’t matter why.

Behind that email is a real person. A person who is putting herself out there in the online world. Maybe she’s not perfect. Maybe she’s made huge mistakes. Maybe she’s made enemies. But there is nothing she could have done to deserve the hate that is coming at her and her family.

As a Christian, it always saddens me to see how quickly we are to judge and cast stones. We hide behind our computer and show the worst sides of ourselves online by hurting others. We scream fraud at companies who offer a free sample, just because it’s gone quickly. We attack  parents who lived through tragedy, because there’s no way to explain the horror. We mock a busy model who is taking time to breastfeed her infant, because we don’t understand her life. We make a group feel unwelcome, because we don’t know how to help them understand God and love.

Judgement, hate, and hurtful words never help. It’s only adds to the bad.

“But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either. Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back. And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.” (Luke 6:27-38)

Love will always be more powerful. You will change more lives and touch more people with kindness, than you ever will with hate. So don’t judge. Just live and bravely show others how to love by being the best you can be to those around you, even online. It’s hard. You will falter. You will make mistakes. But, Jesus never said it would easy. He said it would be worth it.

“You want to know how to change the world son? One act of random kindness at a time.” (Morgan Freeman as God in Evan Almighty)

Imagine if everyone left kind words on the sites and pages they visit each day. Imagine if we used the Internet to say thank you instead of complain. If we used it to pick others up and point out their achievements, instead of bringing others down. Imagine if we used it to change the world one random act of kindness at a time.

Wow. Now that would be real power.

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This sponsored post was written by me on behalf of Post. Regardless of compensation, all opinions are 100% my own.

Since I was a little girl, string popcorn and cranberries to decorate the tree was a holiday tradition. Now my little ones like to add their own special touches by suggesting new ingredients to make our garland special. This year we’re writing holiday words, messages, and phrases using Alpha-Bits cereal.

Alpha-Bits (1 of 1)Encouraging My Kids to Play with Their Food!

This is one of my favorite holiday traditions. We always make hot chocolate, along with our bowls of popcorn, and put in a holiday movie. Then, we start stringing and showing off our creations to each other.  And, of course, while we create, we eat! We snack on popcorn and cereal! It’s such a frugal activity that is great for families and fun for everyone.

Holiday Garland


  •  Alpha-Bits Cereal
  • Popped Popcorn (Plain, No Butter)
  • Cranberries (Fresh)
  • Embroidery Floss (Strong, but Not Too Thick)
  • Needles (Fat with Rounded Ends)
  • Scissors

Alpha-Bits (1 of 1)-2


Making Holiday Tree Strings is all about creativity. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Simply cut a long piece of string and thread your needle. To help kids, you can tie the thread onto the needle, but keep your knot small. Tie the end of your thread, then begin stringing on your ingredients. Once you’re done, remove your needle, tie the other end, and place it on your tree like garland.

What Are We Learning

  • Spelling or ABC’s. Use the Alpha-Bits to spell Christmas words, message, and phrases on your string like “Merry Christmas”, “Jesus”, “Santa Claus”, and “Gifts”. For younger kids, you can simply create your ABC’s. Kids will have fun reading it and showing off their work throughout the season.
  • Patterns. Create patterns with your ingredients. You can create patterns based on letters, colors, or the ingredients themselves.
  • Counting. When creating patterns, count ingredients to make strings that include items likes 5 popcorns, 1 cranberry, 1 word, 1 cranberry, and 5 popcorns.
  • Sorting. Sort ingredients by color, letter, or even broken ingredients that won’t string well.
  • Coordination. Stringing ingredients takes a bit of hand-eye coordination, especially for little ones.
  • Teamwork. This activity is great for families. Working together to build your strings, makes it much more fun!
  • Safety. It’s important to show kids the right way to handle a needle, even if it’s rounded and less likely to hurt them, along with scissor safety.

Tips & Ideas

  • Long needles work best. For younger kids, you can use a larger, rounded-end needle so it won’t hurt if they poke themselves.
  • When threading popcorn, stick the needle through the fat puffed part of the popcorn. It won’t easily go through the kernel pieces.
  • Add other ingredients. Just make sure they won’t spoil on your tree throughout the season. Things you can include are:
    • Classic pretzels (just put the string through one of the openings, don’t try to stick the needle through them or they’ll crumble.)
    • Marshmallows
    • Gum Drops or Jelly Beans
    • Post Honeycomb Cereal, Mini-Cinnamon Churros, or Waffle Crisp
    • Food Coloring (toss popcorn or cereal in food coloring to add color)

Sponsored by Post via the Mom It Forward Blogger Network and written by In Good Cents. For more information, please read our terms & conditions and disclosure policy.

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Looking for cheap eats? Subscribe to the IHOP Pancake Revolution e-newsletter to get a Free Meal. You will get a free meal just for signing up, but you will also get a free meal on your Birthday and one year after you sign up.  You can also add the Birthdays of your family members so they can get a free meal on their birthday too.

Remember, offers may change or vary by location, so always call first to make sure your location is participating.

Look for more IHOP coupons and more ways to save in the Subscribe & Save Deals!

More Ways to Save:

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Print a Yankee Candle coupon good for Buy 2 candles get 2 free

This coupon expires on December 1, 2013.  Valid for Large Jar, Large Tumbler and Large Pure Radiance Vase Candles.

Find many more retail coupons and promotional codes in the Online Shopping Database.

More Ways to Save:


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Some of the links within this post are sponsored links. Please read our disclosure policy for details.

More Ways to Save:

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