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Have a question? You may find the answer here. This is a list of the questions I’m asked most often by readers. Don’t see your question? Ask!

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This is overwhelming. Where should I start?

First of all, welcome! When you first start couponing, it can be very overwhelming, but it’s so rewarding and you’ve come to the right spot. My first advice is start small. Try a little, then expand as you go. That way you won’t get so overhwelmed that you quit.  Check out the Quick Start for some fast tips to get you going and familiarize yourself with all the store coupon policies.

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Can I share a deal I found on your site on my own site or blog?

Yes and no. All original content on my site written by me is copyright, therefore you can not legally copy posts and paste them to your own site or share full deal listings that I compile myself. However, I do encourage you to write deals and share the deals in your own words and provide a link back to my site for credit. In addition, you may share 5-7 of the top deals from the store deals and coupon matchups provided on my site and provide a link back for the full list.

You can read my full copyright policy for more information. It breaks down different situations and what you can and can’t do.

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I found a deal. Can I share it with you?

Definitely! I’m only one person and I can’t find all the deals myself. It takes readers like you to help me track down many of the deals I share. In fact, some of my best deals are shared with by other readers or bloggers. Share away!

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May I guest post on In Good Cents?

Definitely! Don’t tell my husband this but   (lowers voice to whisper) I don’t know everything. In Good Cents accepts guest posts from other bloggers and companies working with us as part of a campaign only.  You may submit an exclusive guest post for consideration using the contact form.  Just select Guest Post from the drop down list.

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I love your blog.  How do I start blogging too?

Blogging can be both a rewarding experience and overwhelming at the same time. There is so much to know, from hosting to social networking. Start small. You’ll learn as you go. First, figure out what you want to blog about. What is your passion that you want to share with the world? Next, pick a platform, like or WordPress and start writing.

Here are my favorite tips for new (and old) bloggers –

Link liberally! Linking to other blogs is not a bad thing, like many new bloggers think. If you link to my site, I allow pingbacks, which place a link from your site onto mine. Rating sites look more favorably upon sites who have linkbacks on other sites. In addition, many bloggers, like me, avoid linking to sites that rarely or never link to other blogs.

Get social. One of the best ways to grow your blog is to get involved and be everywhere. Comment on other sites blogs (not spam with links to your sites, but actual thought inspiring and contributing comments). Join Facebook and Twitter. And guest post on other sites. You have to be seen to get noticed.

It’s not about the money. Blogging is about passion, not money. If you blog only to make money, your readers will notice and won’t come back. They want more from you than affiliate links. Yes, you definitely can make money blogging, but it won’t happen over night and a large majority of bloggers never make any money at all or very little.

Be original. Copying another sites material or images will get you content, but it will also make you enemies, which is not something you want in the blogging community. Make sure you are only posting original content or have permission to post content from another site.

Join the community. Bloggers are a community and we must ask as such. Making friends in the blogging community and interacting with other bloggers is a great way to not only build your blog, but learn from others. Treat other bloggers like friends, not competitors, and they will do the same for you.

You can read a bit more about making money blogging.

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I can’t find a deal you have listed here at my store. Why?

Many deals, like clearance, standard prices, and even sales often vary by location. Sometimes even coupons are only available in a particular region or zipcode. If you find that many of the deals on this site don’t match your stores, check out The Frugal Map to find a frugal blogger in your area that might be able to provide you with deals closer to home.

You can read more information on the specific stores and their deals.

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I posted a comment, but I can’t see it. Where did it go?

Your comment may not be visible for many reasons. I have a spam filter on my site which filters out any comments that it regards as spam. However, it’s not perfect and sometimes filters comments that are not spam. If this is the case, your comment will not appear until I approve it.

In addition, I may have decided to remove your comment. In Good Cents is a site to help others save. Therefore, I don’t allow any comments that may be regarded as negative or hurtful either by me or another reader. I also delete any comment that I regard as spam, meaning it does not contribute to the conversation or add to the post, but is simply promoting your own site or an attempt to gain a little free advertising. This includes comments that are purely advertising your own post, blog, website, or simply say “see my post…” with a link.

I do encourage you to comment. In fact, I “follow” comments, so that by commenting and leaving a link to your site, I allow search engines to index your site from mine, providing a little “link juice”. However, In Good Cents is about more than just getting a link back. Contribute, talk, share, and get involved in your comments.

You can read my full comment policy for more information.

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My comment was edited. Why?

Your comments are your thoughts and opinions, however to discourage spam comments and comments purely for advertising, I may remove links to unrelated pages that don’t contribute to the conversation. However, you are more than welcome to leave a link to your own blog in the “URL” section and it will be included in the comment. I may also remove any comments I feel are hurtful, discouraging, or otherwise not related to the conversation.

In addition, if you leave any personal information, such as your address, that will be removed to protect your privacy, since it’s visible to all my readers.

You can read my full comment policy for more information.

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I e-mailed you. When will you e-mail me back?

I receive many e-mails and while I do try to answer them all, it may take me some time. Please be patient with me.

If you provide me with a deal, I usually do not reply. If I decide to use the deal, I will give you credit by saying “Thanks” in the post and providing a link back to the site you provided, if one was available. Unfortunately, I’m only one person, and a mother and wife at that, so I can’t share every deal I receive.

If you ask a question, I always try to reply back and may use it on In Good Cents, if I feel that many readers may have the same question or that the readers can provide you with a better answer.

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Don’t see your question? Ask!

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