Love for Shaundi: Ways to Help Katy Mann & Her Family

by Beth Montgomery on September 5, 2013 · 2 comments

I know so many of you are from the Indianapolis area, so probably know Katy Mann. Maybe you visit her website, Indy with Kids or joined the amazing community, The City Moms, which she supports. Maybe you’ve seen her on television or in the news during one of her many interviews. Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to meet her in person. Either way, it’s not hard to see what an amazing person she is. Her joy is always visible on her face and you can tell it’s honest.

Yesterday, Katy’s 2-month old daughter unexpectedly passed away. I don’t know the whole story. I don’t know why this happened, but the reasons really don’t matter. I can’t even  imagine her pain, but my heart just shatters and breaks for her and her family. It screams out in pain.  It makes me want to lay beside my own kids as they sleep, just to make sure they keep breathing and squeeze them a little tighter when they’re awake.

Katy has done so much for all of us mother’s in Indianapolis by showing us great places to take our families, tips for traveling, and even so much more. Now it’s time for us, as mothers, to rally around her and give back.

Shaundi Mann

Ways to Help Katy & Her Family

  • Pray: Pray hard. Pray for Katy and her family. Pray God helps ease their pain and somehow, in the darkest times, they find comfort in his arms. Pray he surrounds them, so they feel him when they need him most.
  • Help Ease the Financial Burden: While we will never be able to ease the pain she and her family feel, we can help ease the burden of unexpected hospital and funeral costs. There is no reason she should worry about money at a time like this, so if you can make a donate. Any donation. Please consider giving to the Love for Shaundi fund online.
  • Show Love. Leave a kind message on Katy’s Facebook Page to let her know we feel her pain and she is never alone. In fact, she has a whole city of mothers mourning with her.
  • Support Her Website: While it seems like a little thing to do, supporting her business by spreading the word, reading all it has to offer, entering her giveaways, and following on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter is another wonderful way to show support. Wouldn’t it be great to come back to find she has so many more Hoosier moms supporting her and taking advantage of all the great resources she’s put together for us?

Thank you.

Photo Credit: Katy Mann of Indy with Kids.

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