Clairol Coupon Confusion | Clairol’s Official Response on the $5 off 2 Clairol Product Coupons

by Beth Montgomery on July 8, 2013

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If you haven’t heard, there is a coupon in this weekend’s Proctor and Gamble insert that’s causing quite a stir in the coupon community.

This weekend Clairol released a coupon for $5 off 2 Clairol Products. Unlike past Clairol coupons, this coupon didn’t specify that it was for hair color only. While multiple boxes of Clairol hair color were pictured on the coupon, it was the change in wording that caused the wheels in couponers minds to start turning.

As couponers we know that it’s the text on the coupon that matters, not the image.

While some understood this coupon was intended for Clairol hair color, which is the only product you’ll find if you visit, others started looking for less expensive Clairol products and found them.

Clairol Herbal Essences

Many don’t realize, but in addition to hair color, Clairol has their name on many other less expensive products like Herbal Essences and Aussie, which is often on sale for $2.50 each. In fact, it’s on sale this week at CVS for that price.

And that’s where the debate began. Some couponers and bloggers started promoting free shampoo, while others said that with Herbal Essences coupons on the next page, it was obvious Clairol’s intentions and we shouldn’t take advantage of their mistake.

Clairol’s Official Response

Clairol Official Response

While they do state that they made a mistake and will honor the coupon as worded, they did add a note that I think it’s important we all see and understand:

However, we hope that our original intent of offering $5 off of any 2 Clairol hair color products is recognized, so that we can continue to provide value offers in the future.

Basically in this very polite sentence, Clairol is warning us that if we promote and use this coupon other than how it was intended, we may see the effects later in lower value coupons or high-priced products.

Keep in mind both Clairol and Herbal Essence have their own budget for promotions such as coupons and when Clairol’s

I ask that you keep that in mind when deciding how you plan to use this coupon.

While I do firmly teach reading the coupon’s text and fine print to understand how to use a coupon correctly and know that using this coupon on Clairol Herbal Essence and similar products is within the fine print in this case, please understand that I will not be promoting it as such. I’ve seen how much damage the misuse of coupons can do to coupon values, store policies, and product pricing and don’t believe that a couple bottles of free shampoo are worth that price.

You can find more Clairol coupons and ways to save while grocery shopping in the coupon database.

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