Internet Safety | Beware of Sharing Recipes & DIY Articles on Facebook

by Beth Montgomery on April 22, 2013

Have you noticed that Facebook is starting to look more like Pinterest? There’s a disturbing trend happening right now. Instead of sharing articles by including a link as we are meant to do on Facebook, pages and people are copying entire articles into the update and not crediting the original source.

I ask that you support your favorite blogs and websites by not sharing these types of posts!

Why should I care?

Sharing a recipe, craft instructions, do-it-yourself ideas, and other tips on Facebook seems innocent enough, but when credit isn’t properly given to the source it’s theft. In addition, depending on how they post the article it’s copyright infringement and plagiarism.

You wouldn’t copy The Hunger Games books and try to pass them off as your own. Many don’t realize that content on the internet has the same protection and the same guidelines apply regardless of where or how you’re sharing.

How will I know what not to share?

Uncredited Article Taken from Barefeet in the Kitchen

You should not share posts that include the full article in the status update (e.g. full recipe, instructions, etc…). For example recipe in the post above was taken from Barefeet in the Kitchen and uncredited.


Especially if the watermark on the photo does not match the name of the page or person sharing the article or no credit is given to the original source.

Why are people doing this?

Some are doing it innocently, not realizing it’s a problem. However, many pages are doing it maliciously to build a Facebook page with hundreds of thousands of followers, which they sell off to spammy websites. If you “like” these pages before they are sold, the spammy posts will start showing on your wall once the page changes ownership.

Free Condoms

You may have noticed recently that odd pages you never “liked” are appearing in your newsfeed or “liked” pages. This is one of the reasons, in addition to sketchy Facebook apps.

What should I do instead?

Facebook Share Recipe

It’s often very simple to find the original article to share.

  1. Copy a few bits of the article you found and paste it into Google Search.
  2. Often the original source will come up near the top, if not first. You’ll notice bold indicates a match (see the first result in my search below was an exact match).
  3. Go to the original source and either click one of their “share” buttons or copy the URL and paste that into your status update on Facebook.

Found on Google

Many bloggers have contacted pages doing this, but most don’t care and refuse to stop sharing our content without permission. It’s up to us to stop encouraging the behavior by sharing articles correctly and stop promoting their page.

More Ways to Save:

  • Like on FaceBook
  • Pin It
  • Print Friendly and PDF

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