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by Beth Montgomery on November 20, 2012 · 2 comments

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Facebook has been making changes once again and I was a bit in shock at how much my wall changed. Suddenly, I’m getting updates from people I don’t really talk to that often and I’m missing every update from my own Dad!

If you’re missing updates on your wall from In Good Cents, or any page or friend, here’s how to fix the problem.

1. Like” In Good Cents or the page you’d like to get updates from on Facebook or “Friend” any person.

2. Choose Get Notifications, Show in Newsfeed, and/or Add to Interests or any combination of the three. (Add to Interests is only available for pages. For friends, add to a Friend List, such as “Family”.)

Confused about the difference between the options? Continue on to find out how each option works.

What’s the Difference?

Get Notifications

When you choose to get notifications from a friend or page, you’re choosing to get an alert whenever that page or friend updates their status or takes other action on Facebook. You’ll see a little number appear next to the globe at the top of Facebook to let you know someone important posted an update for you to check out.

This ensures you’ll never miss an update, but can be overwhelming, if you get a lot of notifications.

Show in News Feed

When you choose to show a friend’s or page’s posts in your news feed, you’re asking Facebook to make sure their updates appear on your main news feed. However, Facebook still calculates what appears on your wall based on what it thinks you like, so you won’t see all updates from that page.

News Feed Tip: To increase the updates you see from a friend or page in your news feed, interact with their updates. The more you “like” a friend’s or page’s updates, comment on their wall, or comment on their updates, the more likely you are to see their updates on wall, because through these interactions, you’re telling Facebook this information is relevant and important to you.

Add to Interest Lists

With Interest Lists, you create a special place where you can easily see posts from pages on that list without adding more chaos to your main newsfeed. Its simply a way to group posts from pages together and separate them from your friends and family, making them easier to find and browse.

How to Creates and Add a Page to Interest Lists

1. Click “Add to Interests” under the “Like” button on the page.

2. Choose an already existing list or create a “New List”.

3. If creating a new list, select any additional pages you’d like in the group and click “Next”.

4. Give your list a name and decide who can see it.

5. When visiting your wall, scroll down to “Interests” and click the list to see posts from that pages within the list.

Keep in mind, updates from that page may still appear on your  news feed if “Show in Newfeed” is checked.



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