Marsh Supermarket Triple Coupons | Will Marsh Supermarket Triple Coupons This Weekend?

by Beth Montgomery on June 28, 2012

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It’s been a while since Marsh Supermarket last tripled coupons and a lot of you have been asking, will Marsh Supermarket triple coupons this weekend? Will Marsh Supermarket triple coupons at all in 2012? When will Marsh Supermarket triple coupons again?

Well first, let me state, I don’t work at Marsh, nor am I associated with them in anyway. So, my word is not law on this topic. However, I do have contacts who work in and with Marsh Supermarket and I’ve talked with them about Marsh Supermarket triple coupons.

The Surprise is Part of the Promotion

First, if Marsh Supermarket does have triple coupons again, they won’t give us advanced notice, regardless of how many times we ask on the Marsh Supermarket Facebook page and beg them to tell us. Surprising us with the news is what allows Marsh Supermarket to do triple coupons, because if we knew in advance we’d plan ahead, cut coupons, and, just to be honest, rob them blind with the deals we’d get. By not giving us a chance to plan, they can minimize their losses. So, if I did know about a Marsh Supermarket Triple Coupon event, I’d be sworn to secrecy.

When will Marsh Supermarket Triple Coupons in 2012?

That said, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Marsh Supermarket triple coupons again in the near future, if ever. The CEO who launched the Marsh Supermarket Triple Coupon events has moved on and from what I’ve heard, aside from loyal customers and couponers, many weren’t happy about these special events.

In fact, Marsh Supermarket did reply today on Facebook telling a customer that no Marsh Supermarket triple coupon events are currently scheduled for 2012.

Who wouldn’t be happy about Marsh Supermarket Triple Coupons?

Not being happy about Marsh Supermarket triple coupons sounds insane, but to understand you have to stop thinking like a customer and think about the business involved.

  • The Manufacturers: When Manufacturers release coupons, they do so as part of a marketing campaign. By factoring the coupon value, expiration date, and are the coupon is released, they estimate a budget. When stores host triple coupon events, coupon redemption goes up immensely, often effecting these companies budgets negatively. In turn, you start to notice less and lower value coupons from these manufacturers.
  • The District Brand Representatives: Manufacturers have district sales representatives and managers in their distribution areas who work with the local stores to get their product on the shelf. Like all sales reps, they have weekly quotas and goals. When stores host triple events, sales increase which looks good at first, but then there’s a slump in sales the following week.
  • The Stores: Without limits, restrictions, and tight guidelines, stores can lose a lot of money during triple coupon events and after talking with local managers, this did happen to many  (if not all) Marsh Supermarket stores. When they add limitations, as Marsh Supermarket tried to do to minimize their loss through trial and error, customers complain.

While some other stores do continue to triple coupons, many have been having watered down versions with many restrictions that sometimes cause the event to not be worth the effort for couponers.

Pleasing customers is always a top priority with Marsh, but we have to understand that business is business. While we may not see another Marsh Supermarket Triple Coupon event, Marsh Supermarket has been releasing many new promotions with their Marsh Supermarket Money and FREE items with purchase that are great deals after the double coupons up to $0.50 they offer every day.

Hopefully they’ll surprise me or maybe they’ll come up with up with a new promotion that we’ll love and won’t hurt the manufacturers, area managers, and stores as much. Fingers crossed!

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