Wacky Wednesday | Storms Can Be FUN!

by Beth Montgomery on May 2, 2012

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One of my favorite things to do during the Spring/Summer months is to play, sing and dance in the rain. It’s FREE, it’s fun and the kids LOVE it. But we haven’t had any sun showers recently and I have been itching to go play in the rain. There are some common sense rules for when we can go out and play: the temperature has to be warm and there can’t be any lightening.

Doesn’t sound a bit like these storms we have been getting lately! And since the kids love it so much, every time it rains they ask if we can go out in it, and each time I am forced to tell them no because of the lightening. But after one of the storms yesterday the backyard looked like a swamp and the sun started shining! After a quick look at the radar, I realized we had maybe an hour or two before the next storm was set to roll in so we took advantage of our swamp land in the backyard.

After a quick outfit change and grabbing some old towels we were set to play! Sounds so easy and simple, because it is!  And this simple decision on my part made the kids day! We didn’t need to go out and spend money, there was not a care in the world for the hour we were outside playing AND my patience wasn’t being tried because a certain 4 year old doesn’t understand to not eat glue, lick paintbrushes or get bored halfway through…

One of the best parts, every time my 3 year old ran past me through our strip of swampland I got to hear, “THANK YOU MOMMY!!!” It’s enough to melt your heart.

So certainly this isn’t completely “Wacky” but it’s FREE and FUN. And sometimes in our crazy ‘go, go, go lives’ we sometimes overlook the simple things,  like the uninhibited joy of playing in the rain.

Sure we know to treasure the moments, but we overlook the cheap, fun things that we can do during the stormy season that is upon us right now. (at least I know I do at times) These are the things we can do to help us forget that there are bills due, laundry to be washed and put away, floors to be swept and dinner waiting to be cooked, and allow us to simply enjoy the moment and not have to worry what ‘step’ in the process is next. These are a few of my favorite simple FUN things for the kids:

  • Make a mudpie and have a rainwater tea party, complete with mud cookies decorated with rocks and grass. The fun is in the creating.
  • Watch the storm clouds rolling in and see what animals and ideas you can come up with based on the clouds. If you have older children, jot down or remember them and once the storm hits and you are safe inside create a story based on the images you saw in the clouds. For added fun, turn off the lights and write the story by candle light (be careful with the flame) so there is no interruption if the power goes out.
  • Livestrong.com has a list of games you can play in the rain, but one of my favorites on their list is saving worms from the sidewalks and driveways so they don’t dry out and die: see who can collect the most worms in the process.
  • If you have a hill, create your own nature approved slip and slide right down into a nice mud-puddle finish.

These are just a few ideas to get started, they are not very structured but so very fun! What is your favorite stormy weather activity to keep the kids (and yourself) from going completely nuts?

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