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by Beth Montgomery on May 13, 2012 · 2 comments

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Thanks to Sherri Ohler at The Painted Life for the following guest post:

The temptation here is to see ‘Handmade’ and click on to the next read, but don’t,  keep reading, your friends will thank you!   Stick around, be informed, and hopefully a bit entertained, as I seek to enlighten your senses with a new outlook on the subject of buying artisan.  Straight from the source.  (That would be me, for I am a self proclaimed Handmade Entrepreneur & Junkie!)

Vintage Style Dangle Earrings in Lemon Chiffon by Trinkets N Whatnots~$12

With no further ado, the top 5 reasons you should buy handmade are…

#5-Because you can.  Contrary to popular myth, buying Artisan can absolutely be affordable.  The days of having to visit a gallery while donning your luxury mink in order to buy something one of a kind are gone.  If

Vegan Peach Mango Salsa Shea Soap by Cassia Aromatics~$6

your frugality alarms are going off as you ponder this kind of luxury for yourself-even if it is totally affordable, then gifting is the way to go.  If we all gifted handmade to each other, then we would all have a little much deserved luxury in our lives!

Felt Owl Baby Shower Favor Plush Toys by Andralynn~$4

#4– Because your loved ones deserve something as unique and beautiful as they are, and no offense, but Wal-mart doesn’t quite send the ‘I think you’re amazing’ message.  You may find something that aesthetically sends that message at HomeGoods or Marshall’s, but so did your sister, her Mother-n-law, her neighbor and the mail lady.  You can do better.  You can be a gifting ROCKSTAR and no one will ever forget it-you.
#3- Because Artists are people too.  A lot of us are work at home moms like you, or work-outside-the-home-and-then-come-home-and-work-some-more moms like you.  Buying handmade let’s you be a part of someone else’s dream and that my friend, is paying it forward in a big, warm, fuzzy way. Thank YOU.

Tie cardigan w/ Floral Rose Print by Jrotem~$34

#2- Because our American economy needs you.   I may not understand all of the ins and outs of the financial state of the US, but I do know that when somebody buys one of my paintings, it helps me cover the cost of my family’s well-being in one way or another.  You could give that same money to Target, who will give a lot of it to China, and that isn’t all bad I guess, but if we all bought from each other-maybe American small business’s could thrive again and American families could rest without fear of losing their homes.  And that sounds like a darn good thing to me.

#1-Because Etsy, the handmade market mega mall, is like a treasure hunt and makes you feel like a kid again!  And some of us pirateser– Artists are having a sale-JUST FOR YOU.  A bunch of my Artisan Group Etsy friends & I are getting together to offer deals just for In Good Cents readers!  Here’s how to find them…go to, click ALL ITEMS in the drop down search menu.  Type GOODCENTS in the search bar-that’s it!  All of the items/shops that you see are offering specials-each special is different, but the coupon code is the same for all shops!  Use code GOODCENTS when ordering to see what your treasure holds!  Some shops will have the special listed under their shop banner so look for that as well.  Have fun and thank you again for buying and supporting Handmade-we SO appreciate you!


No.16 Caboose Home Decor Print by The Jdawg~$30

Tell us about the treasures that you scored and/or put on your ‘wish list’ while perusing Etsy or your local art fair!  Go ahead, get your brag on and give yourself a little written pat on the back in the form of a comment, we’d LOVE to hear about it!

Azure Peacock Print w/Emily Dickenson Quote on Ribbon or Rings by S.D.G. Artistry~$18

About the Author: Sherri Ohler knew she wanted to grow up to be an artist from her earliest memory. Still working on that dream as a career muralist she transitioned to studio work under the brand name S.D.G. Artistry in 2008. The Latin initials standing for ‘Soli Deo Gloria’, or the ‘glory to God alone’, are living testimony to her Christian faith. The first series of paintings for S.D.G., The Alphabet Line, has grown to include over 100 mix & match collectable pieces and is still growing! Sherri lives not far outside of Chicago with her husband Randy. Her perfect match and an artist himself, he designs & builds furniture under the name Urban Hillbilly Furniture. Two beautiful daughters, October 21 & Ivy 15, call her mom and one spunky 10 year old named Cheney, is happily teaching her to be a better Step-mom. Sherri writes about her quest to ‘create small joys’ in life & S.D.G. at

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