Wacky Wednesday | Fancy Flip Flops for Summer

by Beth Montgomery on April 11, 2012

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I have a daughter who could make Fancy Nancy look plain on many days, so anything we can do to make her accessories more fancy is great, especially when it’s inexpensive.

These very fancy flip flops are so easy to make, your kid can do it themselves.  We do this project every spring, so the girls have some crazy new flip flops to start off the season.

What You’ll Need…

  • 1 pair of flip flops
  • 1 fancy yarn

Where to Get Cheap Flip Flops

This time of year, you can pick up plain flip flops in a variety of colors for as low as $1 per pair.

  • Walmart: Often as low as $1 in the shoe section.
  • Target: You can sometimes find $1 flip flops in the Dollar Spot or as low as $2.50 in the show section.
  • Old Navy: Typically $3.94, but they have an annual $1 Flip Flop sale every summer.

Finding Fancy Yarn

Next, you’ll need some over-the-top yarn.  I typically can find Fancy Fur Yarn in a few different colors and styles at The Dollar Tree for only $1 per roll, but I also find it on clearance sometimes at stores where yarn is sold.  One roll will make two pairs of little kid flip flops or one pair of adult, depending on how think you’d like them design.

Start by tying the end of the string tightly to the flip flop band.  You’ll want it to stay, so make sure to tie a few knots and cut the end if it straggles when you’re done.  Press the hard as far down the band and as close to the foot pad as possible.

Next, wrap the yarn around the band toward the toe of the flip flop.  It helps to keep the yard wrapped or wadded in your hand, so it stays smaller and can easily fit under the band while you wrap.

Press the wrapped yarn down toward the foot pad as close together as possible, then continue to wrap and press the yarn down until you reach the toe.

The tighter you press the yarn together while wrapping, the fuller your flip flop will be.  Pressing it super tight definitely makes a cute pair of flip flops, but make sure your flip flop still fits on your foot under the yarn, since a fuller design can make them tighter.  Keep in mind, many flip flops can stretch with wear, so even if they are tight, it will be okay.

The toe is the trickiest part.  You’ll want to keep wrapping and pressing the yarn down away from the toe until you get as slow to the toe as possible without getting yarn on the toe divider.  If you wrap along the toe divider, it may hurt when you try to wear it between your toes.

Once you get as close to the toe divider as possible, simply go over the toe divider and start wrapping on the other side pressing the yarn towards the toe.  Wrap and press until you reach the foot pad on the other side, then tie the yarn tightly with a few knots and cut.

After you’re done, you may want to trim any straggling yarn, especially if it will get under the flip flop when walking.

Fancy Flip Flop Maintenance

These flip flops are cute, but not made for stamina.  They do tend to come unraveled and strings come lose. However, it’s pretty easy to get them looking good again, so you can extend their life.  Simply trim or tie off any strings that come lose or hang.

Share the Flip Flop Love!

Little girls love these flip flops, so they are great to make at sleepovers, birthday parties, or for fun gifts for your kids friends, especially since they are so affordable.

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