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by Beth Montgomery on April 1, 2012

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When I saw this post at How About Orange, I knew I just had to try it! It’s a wonderful way to use all the extra newspapers we have laying around the house. So instead of the traditional standard basket, we are going to make EASTER BASKETS!!!! Really, when you think about it,  it makes sense to make your own baskets. They get used once a year and fall apart almost as soon as the kids are done collecting the candy and gifts out of them, so why not make it out of something we already have around the house?

So collect your supplies and lets get started. You will need:

  • Newspaper (2 should do the job)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler and Staples, glue dots, double sided tape…something sticky
  • 30 minutes where you won’t have to touch anything else….the ink gets ALL over your hands!


Got everything? Start by cutting each of your sheets of newspaper so each sheet is individual. Like this:

Now that you have that taken care of, fold each sheet in half, and then in half again, and then into eighths so you have a long strip of paper. I like these thicker strips, but obviously you can play around with the size of your newspaper page, cut it in half and have thinner strips if you want, but make sure you fold it the same way and your strips are long. And repeat the folding steps for all your pages. Now that your strips are made, it’s time for the fun part..WEAVING! Start from the center and weave out.  Here is where you will need your tape or stapler, Make sure you get the strips as close as possible to each other to make a nice basket bottom. The mistake I made in my first attempt with these, was I didn’t check that all my ends were the same length, that is important if you don’t want to have to do any imaginative cutting and weaving! The best way to start is cross two of your strips in the center and then add more strips reminding yourself to go over and under. Once you have the bottom of the basket large enough, its time to start working on the sides. These were about the death of me trying to figure it out, but once I used staples it went MUCH faster! My basket bottom was 5×5 and is a pretty nice sized basket.

To start the sides, fold the bottom strips up at a 90 degree angle and begin weaving over and under just like on the bottom. But you will definitely want to use staples or something to hold it in place at the corners. The staples can be removed later if you really don’t like the look of them. Continue adding more strips as you go around the sides of your basket. Pulling your vertical strips up occassionally to make sure your horizontal strips are weaving in close together.

Once you reach the top of the basket, fold the ends over and staple them. I added another fold to one of my unused strips to make it thinner and stapled it with the fold along the rim for a nice finish, but if you would like to add ribbon or use glue that would work just as well. If you just want a standard basket you can be done at this point and remove your staples, but we are making Easter baskets so we have to add a handle to it. There are alot of different ways to make a handle, you can use some ribbon or braid some twine, but I wanted to complete the look with newspaper. So I took two of my strips and put the ends together to form a 90 degree angle and stapled them together. Then it’s as simple as folding the bottom back so it is on top of the other strip still forming a 90 degree angle. Keep folding this way, alternating each strip to fold back until you reach the ends. To make the handle long enough you will need to staple or glue another newspaper strip to each loose end and continue folding. The four strips will look like a tower of squares when you have finished folding them all back on top of each other. Staple the ends together, then gently pull and slightly twist it out to form a long geometrical snake. All that is left to do is attach the handle to the basket. Using the flat sides of your handle, staple (or glue) it to the insides of the basket. You can add all sorts of decoration if you would like, but my kids wouldn’t let me, they just LOVED it the way it was!

Now, in our family we leave our  baskets out for the Easter Bunny, just like stockings for Santa. So that is how my kids have already seen their baskets (just not filled yet!)

We have more newspaper crafts coming, so make sure to keep a few of those newspapers from your coupons! :-)

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