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by Beth Montgomery on April 16, 2012

The Restaurant Coupon & Deal Database wasn’t the most user-friendly, or so I’ve been told.  On top of that, it had a major flaw – expired coupons weren’t removed and new coupons weren’t always showing it up, making it a bit useless.

We spent the weekend moving the large database over to the same format as the Free Stuff & Samples Database, allowing you to see multiple deals at once, search the database, and easily compare available deals to see where you’d like to dine out.

How to Use the Restaurant Deal & Coupon Database

Get the Coupon or Deal

When you find a deal or coupon you want, click the link under Get Deal that specifies the type of deal it is.

Some deals require you to print a coupon or may have more information, restrictions, or details available.  Links provided go to the page where we found the deal to provide you with these extra details.

Sort the Database

Use the small up and down arrows next to the column headings to sort the Restaurant Coupon & Deal Database.

Click the arrow next to a column heading once to sort A to Z and click it twice to sort Z to A.

Search the Database

Type keywords into the Search Box to search by specific keywords.  The database instantly starts filtering as you type.

  • Name: Search for the restaurant name to find specific restaurant coupons.
  • Type: Search by Printable Coupon, No Coupon Necessary, or Subscribe & Save to see a specific type of restaurant deal.
  • Expires: Search by expiration date or try expiration dates like Ongoing for coupons that won’t expire anytime soon or Limit Time for coupons that may expire at anytime.
  • Keyword: Search by keyword like appetizer, free, or Tax Day to limit your results.

See More or Less Coupons (or Deals)

You can use the Show Entries drop down to show more or less coupons per page.  Adjust it to 10, 25, 50, or 100 coupons per page.

Browse by Page

Scroll all the way down to the bottom to find two arrows in the right-hand corner of the database.  Click the right arrow to scroll forward through the pages of coupons and the left arrow to scroll backwards.

Report Errors & Issues

Keeping the databases up to date is a full time job.  If you see an error with a coupon, please use the error button that directs you to a short form to report it to us, so we can fix it.  Share with us any error from typos to expired coupons.  This will help us make sure the database is as up to date as possible.

Submit Deals & Coupons

Find a great deal or coupon for the Restaurant Coupon & Deal Database?  Scroll down to the bottom of the database to find the link to submit a deal to share.  As I said, it’s a big job keeping the database up to date, so we appreciate any help you want to offer!

Get Started

There are currently over 150 valid coupons and deals for restaurants and dining out, so check out the Restaurant Coupon & Deal Database now to save on your next meal.

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