Frugal Fails: How to Entice Your Man and Clean Your Pores

by Beth Montgomery on February 12, 2012 · 1 comment

For you to truly get this story, we have to rewind a little over 10 years ago when I was in college.

I was single and more in love with the idea of love than any guy I’d dated so far.  But, one night my roommate and I read an article on how the scent of cinnamon attracted men.  We could barely afford food, let alone cinnamon perfume, if that’s something you can even buy, so we made our own using a few ingredients we got at the supermarket and a big spray bottle.

It smelled amazing, but strong.  So strong, in fact, that we often sprayed it into our hair after a night spent out at smokey restaurants or bars since we were often running too late to shower.  I know… gross… but it was college.  Smokey bars and skipping showers were a way of life.

The funniest part about this perfume was that it worked!  It worked like you wouldn’t believe.  When I looked my worst, having not showered and stinking like smoke, guys I’d never met would strike up conversations with  me, often commenting on how detectible I smelled.  Probably because I smelled like candy.  It became a huge joke to my roommate and I.

But, there was a big downside to the perfume.  I can’t tell you that yet, or it would ruin the rest of this story, so you’ll have to be patient.

Fast forward to today.  While half the time I’m not sure they are really doing much good, I love the idea of pampering myself with facial masks and treatments, but I’m too cheap sensible to pay a fortune for one.  I typically mix something up  myself from supplies in my kitchen.  Tonight, I put aside my old favorites and found a new recipe online.  It called for cinnamon as a natural exfoliant, nutmeg to reduce redness, and honey to hold it all together.  Filled with some of my favorite ingredients, how could I pass it up?

I don't normally have a green tint. My camera hates my bathroom.

I whipped it together and spread it on my face.  It was thick and chunky – a lot like rubbing mud on my face.  At first, it appeared to be tinting my skin orange, so I worried I might be turning myself into an Oompa Loompa, but that’s not where this story is going.

It smelled so delicious.  Not long after, I was standing in the shower washing my hair and saving my  face for last, trying to keep the mask on as long as possible for it for it to fully do it’s job.  Slowly, my skin started to tingle and memories of the perfume from college came flooding back.  Apparently, I didn’t learn my lesson the first time.

There is a reason cinnamon is always associated with hot and red.  It’s because it BURNS like fire!

You see, while those college guys may have loved the scent, they missed the part where my roommate and I would spray it into our hair and then scream at the top of our lungs as the feeling that our scalp had just burst into flames overwhelmed us .  Eventually, the feeling would die down and off we’d go.  Sounds stupid, right?  Well, there were 4 girls and 1 shower.  It was either fry our scalps off or go to class smelling like smoke… or get up really early to get in the shower before our morning-loving suitemate, which wasn’t happening.  Really, there are no excuses for how stupid this was, but we were in college and our priorities were all out of whack.

So there I stood, cinnamon-flaming face mask dripping into my eyes and burning off my skin.  I quickly fumbled around blindly and grabbed store-bought face wash to get it off.  Somehow, I managed to clean it all off and not sear my eyeballs.

Did it work?  My skin is nice and tight, and still tingles a bit.  It even itches slightly, which can’t be good.  Honestly, I have no clue, but I assume if you burn the top layer of your skin off, the skin underneath is a lot cleaner.  I also have a nice rosy complexion from the burning sensation.

The best part is that I walked down stairs after the burning stopped as sat down next to my husband on the couch who said, “Damn, you smell amazing.”  Sweet, but if he thinks I’m burning my face off on a regular basis, because he loves the smell, well… he has another thing coming to him.

So, if you’d like to burn your skin off and entice your man, here’s my recipe:

Flaming-Face Man-Catching Skin Mask
Recipe Type: Beauty Treatment
Author: Beth Montgomery
Prep time: 2 mins
Total time: 2 mins
Serves: Don’t eat this!
  • 1 Teaspoon Honey
  • 1 Teaspoon Nutmeg
  • 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
  1. Mix together all ingredients until you get a think clay-like paste, then apply it to your skin. Leave on for 5-30 minutes and wash off with soap. Use the mixture as an exfoliant to scrub your skin when washing off.

So, have a frugal fail story?  Where saving money turn out to be more of a flop, then a brilliant idea?  Share. I’d love to hear it!



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