5 Things About Me (Blissdom Introduction)

by Beth Montgomery on February 20, 2012

That's my family and me minus my youngest son (who was with Grandma staying warm).

If you’re looking for deals, scroll on by.  They are here, but today I have to mix things up.

At the end of the week -Thursday to be exact, Elizabeth and I will be heading to Blissdom 2012, which is a conference for bloggers to network with brands, connect with other bloggers, and expand our blogging skills.

This is my 3rd year, but it’s going to be a bit different for me.  I’ve taken on the challenge of being a Community Leader and will be helping newcomers, frugal bloggers, and other attendees apply the stuff they learn in each session to their own blogs.

I'm a Blissdom Community Leader!

Where can you find me?

Why things happen and, if there’s need, this may change, here’s where I expect to be found as a Community Leader.  The rest of my schedule is  semi-set, but I tend to go with the flow too much to post it anywhere permanent.

2:30 PM First Bliss Newcomer Meet-Up

11:30 AM Life Development Track: Living (and Embracing) the Best of the Life you have Created for Yourself with Jannette Kaplun

2:30 PM Life Development Track: Do Less as a Life Strategy with Christine Koh

9:30 AM Business Track: Legal Confidence: Empowering Yourself or Blogging Success with Sara Hawkins

Things About Me

Since I’ll be meeting many new faces, many of which may be shy, I need to introduce myself, so to make this fun, here’s some things you probably didn’t know (nor did you want to know) about  me.  Of course, there is always the “About Me” page, if you want to know more!

I love to talk. And I do talk a lot.  My husband says that I can’t even go into an elevator without coming back out with a friend.  It’s true.  If you’re within hearing distance, I’ll probably talk to you.  So, if you’re feeling shy, find me.  If you aren’t ready to talk yet, I can hold a one-sided conversation for a shockingly long time.

I find life funny. My philosophy is that you can either laugh or cry, and whenever it’s possible, I choose to laugh.  I laugh at inappropriate times.  I find odd things funny and I tend to joke a lot.  My kids and family are use to me.  When I yell, “I love you like you were my own kid” to my daughter as she got on the bus for Kindergarten, she just rolled her eyes, while all my neighbors looked at me in shock and asked, “Whose kid is she?” (P.S. she’s all mine and she looks a lot like me)

I’m a big nerd. I went to school for Elementary Education, but got put into a class with a technical twist that taught us how to make school websites and interactive lessons online. I loved it and continued on, so I spent much of college reminding kids that when you get to the end of your mousepad, there’s no need to cry.  I can talk tech until your eyes glaze over.  But, I also have the patience of a saint if you have a question.  Even if you need me to explain that whole mousepad thing.  The end of your mousepad is not the end of the world.  I promise. (Oh, and it’s possible I have a small addiction to super hero movies, which is also pretty nerdy I’m told.)

My mind goes 100 miles per hour nonstop. Now that I’m diagnosed and treated for a typically overlooked form of ADD, I’ve found that it can be a positive.  I can still still for hours. That’s why no one suspects me.  It’s my  mind that’s hyperactive.  I read freakishly fast and remember a lot (too much, actually) of what I read or see.   I’m pretty good at organizing chaos and going with the flow. Plus, I’m usually great under fire.

My Grandma picks out my clothes and cuts my hair. It’s sad, but true.  I have absolutely NO fashion sense and if it were up to me, I’d wear black and brown every day.  I’d probably live in clothes that were way too big for me and have hair that resembled an afro.  But, my Grandma knows fashion, so she keeps me looking more my age and less like a frumpy old housewife.  Unfortunately, she’s out of town, so my 4-year-old is helping me pack, so I’ll have color in my wardrobe…. and probably sparkles and  ruffles too.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell.  If you’ll be at Blissdom, let me know, so I can keep watch for you!  I love meeting  new people and can’t wait to build my network.

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