SOPA and PIPA Affects Us All. Take Action Today!

by Beth Montgomery on January 18, 2012

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Imagine you went to your favorite website, the one you visit every day, and it was gone.

No explanation.


Just black.

This may be the future.

Currently, there are two bills going through Congress and Senate that could make this a reality. While these bills are meant to stop online piracy of movies, music, and other copyright content, especially overseas, the wording is so vague that, should these bills pass, the possible ramifications could affect us all.


In America, we’ve always been innocent until proven guilty. These bills could cause any website suspected of linking to possible infringing material to be shut down.


Suspected – Yes, suspected. Not proven.

Linking To – The content doesn’t have to even be on their site. It could be on a site they link to.

Not just shut down – Their IP address could be blocked from search engines, advertisers and income removed, and face possible fines and even jail time. They’d disappear off the internet.

SOPA goes as far as to include those who don’t understand the law, not just those ignoring it.

Why should we care?

It turns us all into criminals.

I’d like to think people in power wouldn’t abuse that power, but they already have. And, this bill would give them even more power. Simply sharing our lives and expressing ourselves could become illegal.

  • Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, MySpace, and blogs where users contribute content would become responsible for comments and content shared by users. They’d eventually cease to exist or have to censor every comment, photo, and video by every user.

Educate Yourself

Read through these sites that explain SOPA and PIPA, then make your own opinion.

Take Action

These bills have lots of support and could become law soon. Today, since so many websites are blacking out, take the time to take action.

And thank your for taking the time to help keep freedom of expression and speech on the internet!

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