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by Beth Montgomery on December 2, 2011 · 10 comments

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I’m a kid at heart and a super nerdy one at that!  I LOVE video games.  It’s a chance to be someone else and do something you’d never have the chance to do.  Can you say that you’ve saved the entire world from Voldemort (the LEGO version)?  I can!

And while I know it’s a controversial subject, I honestly believe kids can learn a lot more from video games than just the totally annoying lyrics to That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings. My 4-year-old became a color genius at the age of 3 by giving Barbie make overs. You can ask her any color combination – two colors, three colors, even four colors, and she’ll tell you the result you’ll get when they are mixed.  This skill she mastered mixing hair colors for Barbie’s make over, she uses to help me decorate cupcakes, paint pictures, color, and just to confuse her color blind father.

So, when I had an opportunity to review and giveaway the new Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Game, I jumped!  While watching the video about the video game, my two-year old said in his most matter-of-fact tone, “That’s scary.”, but even my nine-year old nephew put on his most professional face to say, “I’d like to come over and help you review that, if you don’t mind.”  He was very serious, but I feel he may have had ulterior motives.

I was right.  While our review started all professional, it soon turned into a good-natured battle for Skylander.  And, while to be honest, I am just not cool enough to even know what the Skylander Action Figures are (which got me a heavy sigh and an exaggerated eye roll from that nephew of mine), I had a blast with him!

And while my four-year-old wouldn’t play with us unless she could be a pretty girl (look above, do any of those look even remotely close to a pretty girl to you?!) and my two-year-old is sticking hard to his, “It’s scary story” (which isn’t saying much since he’s also scared of Big Jet in Little Einsteins), my seven-year-old loved it too!

You pick your Skylander (it’s a tiny doll, though my nephew will insist it’s an “action figure”), then place your Skylander on the Portal of Power (it’s a toy rock with a blue center) and it comes to life in the game for you to battle an evil tyrant to save Skyland. Or, put two dolls (or action figures if you want to pretend that makes dolls more manly) on the Portal of Power to Battle each other.  This would be the part where my nephew handed my bottom to me!

I’m guessing (though again, not cool enough to know) that this game is on very many boy’s wish list, especially since my nephew screamed that he’s been DYING to play it!  And, from a parents stand point, it’s pretty cool to watch dolls (um… action figures) come to life before your very eyes.

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