Sunday Coupon Preview & Missing Red Plum Inserts

by Beth Montgomery on June 6, 2011 · 21 comments

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With many new couponers and readers here on In Good Cents, I’ve been getting questions about where to find your Red Plum insert and why you didn’t get the coupons listed in the Sunday Coupon Preview.   So, I thought I’d take some time to clear up any confusion.

Why don’t the coupons in my newspaper match those on the Sunday Coupon Preview?

Each week, the coupon insert providers release a general list of coupons in their upcoming issue.   While this gives us a good idea of what to expect, the coupon values and included in inserts vary by city.   More coupons and higher value coupons are placed into the larger metropolitan newspapers, while smaller local newspapers often have less and lower value.   Some coupons are only available to certain cities and/or states and sometimes, special inserts are released to certain cities or states.

Why doesn’t everyone get the same coupons?

  • Manufacturers are trying to increase sales to particular cities and states.
  • Products aren’t available or availability is limited in certain areas.
  • There’s a special event, sale, and or promotion in a particular area.
  • They are testing a coupon, marketing strategy, and/or promotion in a limited area.
  • Limited advertising budget may cause coupons to only be released to target areas.
  • And for many other reasons that only they may know about.

How do I get the best coupon inserts possible in my area?

Subscribe to the largest metropolitan newspaper in your area. But, keep in mind, even the large metropolitan newspaper inserts may vary from the general list of coupons in the preview.

Okay, but where is my Red Plum insert?

In 2010, Red Plum pulled their coupon insert from multiple newspapers across the United States.   Afterwards, they began to automatically mail it to homes within certain areas.   Now, the Red Plum insert comes to homes in different ways, depending on where you live.

Your Red Plum insert may be available…

  • In the largest metropolitan newspaper.
  • In your small, local newspaper.
  • Inside your Red Plum home mailer that comes to homes Wednesday – Friday, depending on where you live.   Be aware, this often looks like junk mail, so you may have been throwing it away.

Or, you may be one of the few unlucky areas that can’t seem to get access to the Red Plum insert any longer.

You can check to see where to find your Red Plum insert online, but

What should you do if you aren’t getting the Red Plum insert?

  1. Visit the Red Plum Insert locator to see if it’s available in a newspaper or via mail in your area. Keep in mind, it’s not always accurate.   When I search my area, it says it’s not available, but I receive it every Wednesday or Thursday in the mail.
  2. Order whole inserts and/or coupons from coupon clipping services.
  3. Print coupons online to try to supplement your coupon collection.

So, I can’t get the Red Plum insert in the Indianapolis Star?

Nope!   The Indianapolis Star joined the list of newspapers no longer including the Red Plum coupon insert in mid-2010.   Now those in the Indianapolis area and surrounding suburbs automatically receive the insert in the mail on Wednesday or Thursday in the Red Plum home mailer, along with their Marsh Supermarket Circular.     Unfortunately, cities outside the Indianapolis area who were subscribing to the Indianapolis Star can no longer get the Red Plum insert in the newspaper and may not receive it in the mail.   There are less than 10 local newspapers in the Indiana area that still offer the Red Plum insert inside.   Check your local newspaper to see if it’s included.   However, some may be unable to get it in their area.   If you really miss this insert and want it, you can order whole inserts and/or coupons from coupon clipping services.

Hope that helps you all out!   And, to help others, please leave a comment with where you get your Red Plum insert.   I’m in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and receive mine in the mail on Wednesday or Thursday.

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