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by Beth Montgomery on June 8, 2011

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You may have noticed the *NEW* Printable Grocery Lists Feature on In Good Cents during recent visits.   However, if you are an RSS or e-Mail subscriber, make sure to visit In Good Cents to create and customize your shopping list in a few quick clicks.

Here are a few tips for taking advantage of the Printable Grocery List Feature!

1.) Display All Matchups: Longer deal listings only show the first 5 deals from the list.   Look for the “Display All Matchups” button below and click on it to display the full list of coupon matchups and deals for the store you’re viewing.   The button will turn to a “Hide Matchups” button close the full list.

2.) Check Items to Add: Check the items you’d like to add to your shopping list.   When you click the box next to an item a check will appear in the box and the item will gray out to indicate that it has been added to your list.

3.) My List Tab: The “My List” tab, viewable in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen will hold your list.   When you add an item, it pops up to show you your list as you add items.   Click the X to remove items from this tab.   When you click the X, your item will be removed immediately, so make sure you’re sure you want to remove it.   You can click the “My List” tab to hide or view the list while creating your shopping list.   When you’re done, click “Print” to move to the next step and print your list.

4.) Customizing Your List: Once you   hit click, you’ll be taken to an Interactive Printable List where you can finalize your shopping list and print it.

5.) Add Custom Notes: When viewing the Interactive Printable List, use the “Add notes to your list” box on the right-hand side of the screen to add notes to your shopping list, such as a reminder to check the clearance section or to make sure you get 2 boxes of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts.

6.) Add Your Own Items: Use the “Add your own items” field to add items not listed on In Good Cent to your shopping list like staple items, such as milk, bread, spices, baking needs, and other items you don’t want to forget.

7.) Delete Items: Click the X on your Interactive Printable List to remove an item from your list.   The X will turn red when you hover over it with your mouse.   When you click the X, your item will be removed immediately, so make sure you want to remove it.

8.) Print Your Custom List: When you’re all done, click the “Print” button on the blue bar at the top of the Interactive Printable List to print your list.   Your list will turn into a Printer-Friendly List   and will be sent to your printer.

A Few Tips

There are a few things you   need to know before using the Printable Grocery List feature.

  • Leaving the page will reset your list and delete any items currently on it. You may click coupons, which open in another tab, to print while preparing your list.   However, if your leave the page you are using to create your list, your list will reset and all your items will be removed.   Make sure to right-click on links and select “open in a new tab” or “open in a new window” to keep the Printable Grocery List open while creating and customizing your list.   This includes clicking on the title of the post and/or comments, which does take you to another page on the site.
  • You may go back and edit your list, before printing. If you decide to “Print” your list, then realize you want to add more items, you may close the Interactive Printable List and add more items.   Opening the Interactive Printable List will not delete or reset your list.   However, any notes you have added to the Interactive Printable List will be removed when you close the window.
  • Leaving the Interactive Printable List will reset and delete any customized notes. If you add notes and/or custom items to your shopping list, closing the window will reset and remove these notes and/or items from your list.

Hope this speeds up the time it takes to make your cent-saving shopping list on In Good Cents!

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