Marsh: 13 Need to Know Tips to Save!

by Beth Montgomery on May 25, 2011

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Marsh Supermarket Deals

It can be overwhelming when you start working to cut your budget and often the Marsh Supermarket 101: What You Need to Know to Save is packed with too much information.   However, I highly recommend knowing your stores before you shop, to get the most for your money.

So what’s the most important information you need to know about Marsh?   Here are 10 things you should know before shopping at Marsh Supermarket to make sure you maximize your savings!

1. ) You need a Marsh Supermarket Fresh I.D.E.A. Card! You’ll need to sign up for the Marsh Supermarket Fresh I.D.E.A. Card to get sale prices, use many Marsh Supermarket store-coupons, get your coupons doubled, and get special deals.

2. ) Marsh Supermarket has MANY different weekly circulars. You get a Marsh Supermarket weekly circular in the mail, but that’s not the only circular released each week.   Look on their website for the Marsh Supermarket Exclusive Extended Online circular and sometimes has a special in-store circular that has even more savings.   In Good Cents lists deals from the Marsh Supermarket Weekly Circular in-mail and the Marsh Supermarket Extended Online circular online each week.

3. ) Marsh Supermarket has a nationwide coupon policy and it’s available online! You may want to print it out and keep it in your coupon binder and/or coupon holder to refer to in store.

4.) Marsh Supermarket Store-Coupons and stacking to save. You can sometimes find Marsh Supermarket store coupons in your local circular, in the Marsh Supermarket e-newsletter, ValPak home mailer, in-store, and on the Marsh Supermarket website.   Keep in mind, the coupons on the Marsh Supermarket website are a mixture of store and manufacturer coupons.   Some manufacturer coupons have been “fed” from, which means if you print them on the Marsh Supermarket website, you’ll be unable to print them on the website and vice versa due to print limits.   You can only stack coupons specifically marked as “Marsh Supermarket Store Coupon” with manufacturer coupons.

5.) Marsh Supermarket Mail = Exclusive Savings! Just because you got a Marsh Supermarket Fresh I.D.E.A. card does not mean you’re signed up online!   Make sure you submit your e-mail address to get Marsh Supermarket Mail.   Marsh Supermarket Mail via e-mail often includes exclusive coupons, deals, tips, and more information to help you save money.

6. ) Marsh Supermarket 4-Day FREEbie is Thursday – Sunday. Recently, Marsh Supermarket has been offering an online exclusive Marsh Supermarket store coupon good for a 4-day FREEbie printable coupon.     A new coupon is released each Wednesday and is good Thursday through Sunday with an additional purchase of $50 or more.   Limit 1 coupon per household.   I’m not sure how long this will last or if it’s a new permanent offer, but since most easily spend $50 or more on groceries, you definitely print out this hot coupon to get an extra FREEbie.   You can always donate it, if it’s not something your family will use.

7. ) Marsh Supermarket offers rain checks on out-of-stock sale items. If an advertised product is out of stock, head to customer service to get a rain check for that product.   Rain checks are offered on out-of-stock advertised sale items only unless the advertisement states “while supplies last”, “no rain checks” or “quantities limited”.   Rain checks expire after 14 days.

8. ) Marsh Supermarket has a scan-right guarantee. While not often advertised, the Marsh Supermarket scan-right guarantee states that if a product rings up incorrectly (e.g. higher than the advertised price found in the circular and/or on the corresponding price tag in-store), you get that product FREE and every additional identical product purchased will be adjusted to the marked or in-ad price.

9. ) Marsh Supermarket Kids’ Club = FREEbies for Kids (and in-store entertainment)! Sign up your kids for the Marsh Supermarket Kids’ Club for fun FREEbies.   They’ll get a FREEbie each week when they show their card.   Every other week, the freebie is often an activity sheet with fun things to keep them busy while in-store and hanging out in the cart.   On alternating days the FREEbie is typically a fun product.   My kids have received a toothbrush, M&M’s, cookie, juice box, and so much   more   They love it!

10. ) Marsh Supermarket Drugstore Rewards = FREEbies for You! Use the Marsh Supermarket pharmacy?   Every time you fill a medicine at Marsh, you earn 1 point.   Get 10 points to get a FREE $10 Marsh Supermarket Reward coupon that can be applied to your next grocery trip.

11. ) Marsh Supermarket Baby Club = FREEbies for Baby! If you have a baby or toddler and spend a lot on formula, diapers, wipes, and baby food, make sure you pay attention to your receipt.   With each purchase of participating products, you’ll earn points and when you get 200 points, you earn a $10 Baby Club Reward FREE!

12. ) Marsh Supermarket Fresh Ideas for Education – FREE Money for Schools! Make sure you register your Marsh Supermarket Fresh I.D.E.A. Card with Fresh Ideas for Education and select a school to sponsor if you shop at Marsh.   While it won’t save you money, you will earn points for your school by simply shopping at Marsh.   Your school can redeem the points earned in their honor for cash, helping you make FREE cash donations to your school.

13.) Marsh Supermarket participates in the UPromise Program = FREE Money for Education! Make sure you sign up for the UPromise Program and register your Marsh Supermarket Fresh I.D.E.A. Card.   By doing so, you can earn FREE money for educational expenses for you, your kids, your niece, your neighbor, or whoever you’d like to help out.   If you shop at Marsh, you should definitely sign up and make use of this great program.   Plus, UPromise has special e-coupons that stack with any other coupon and/or rebate. The value of the coupon is not taken off your price, but is instead deposited into your UPromise account.

New to Marsh? Read Marsh Supermarket 101: What You Need to Know to Save to get learn how to save at Marsh!   Also, check out more deal at Marsh and more store deals.

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