Walmart: Accepting Competitor Coupons? Maybe.

by Beth Montgomery on January 5, 2011

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You may have gotten pretty excited when you saw Walmart’s circular this week boldly stating:

We’ll match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad or coupon for an identical product.   Not applicable on   Restrictions apply.   See store for details.

They’ll match competitors coupons?   Not long after, a PR representative of Walmart released this on Walmart’s Official Facebook page:

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, there was an error in the printing of our latest ad, which stated that we will honor competitor coupons in addition to printed ads. We are not honoring competitors’ coupons at this time, and we regret the error, however we will honor competitors’ printed ads. You can see the correct coupon policy here:   Thank you and I do apologize for this inconvenience.

However, of course, the confusion continued.   So, what should you get from Walmart’s latest ad?

According to Heather at Passions for Saving PR contact, they are accepting competitor coupons… somewhat.   The official policy is:

There has continued to be questions about Walmart’s coupon policy. To clarify, Walmart will continue to accept all valid manufacturer and print-at-home internet coupons with a scannable bar code. In addition, Walmart will also match the price listed on any valid competitor coupons that include a printed retail price for a specific item (e.g., $2 for a 24 oz. bottle of Clorox). We apologize for any confusion.

For further details, please see our price match and coupon policies online:
– Price Match Policy:

– Coupon Policy:

Here’s how you decipher this situation, so it makes a bit more sense.

Walmart is now advertising that they’ll match local competitor circulars and ads.   In addition, they are also matching or accepting the in-ad coupons you often find in circulars such as Walgreen’s like the one below from this week’s Walgreen’s circular:

Previously, these types of coupons were excluded.   However, if your store coupon includes the exact price you’ll pay out of pocket (e.g. $0.89 each, 3 for $5, etc…), the product description, and the size of the product, Walmart should take it.

On the other hand, Walmart will not be accepting coupons that do not include the exact price like $1/1, B1G1, FREE X with purchase, 25% off, etc…

While it’s not accepting all competitor coupons, it is a step forward and a new way to save more at Walmart!   Now, we’ll have to wait patiently to see if we have any trouble at the cash registers with this new policy.

Important Note: Keep in mind, this policy is still very new and even the customer service representatives at Walmart seem a bit confused.   However, this is a highly researched and informed “guess” at the interpretation of the circular announcement and policy, so I’m certain enough about it to inform you.   However, I can not guarantee it’s 100% accurate and Walmart may released different information soon.   Only time will tell.

Questions?   Check out Walmart 101: What You Need to Know to Save to find out more about saving at Walmart.   Also, check out more deal at Walmart and more store deals.

Have you tried using competitor coupons at Walmart?   What was your experience?

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