Sunday Stories: New Year, New Things Coming!

by Beth Montgomery on January 2, 2011

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It’s a New Year and I’ve been diligently reading through all of your comments, thoughts, and about you on the Reader’s Survey.   If you haven’t had a chance, please head over to fill it out!

I am seeing a few things, I’m going to start working on now though.

Aldi Store Deals

First, there is a lot of requests for Aldi.   I tried long ago to cover this store and kept forgetting, since I rarely go there and they stopped sending the ad in the mail (that was my reminder!).   However, I’m going to try again, since it is a popular request among you.

So… reappearing Wednesday, January 5th – Aldi Special Buys!

My Grocery Deals & Meal Plan

Now, this one is my New Year’s resolution.   It might take me a while to get back in a groove.   Here’s the secret I haven’t been telling you… I have been slacking on the shopping for an embarrassingly long time!

We’ve had a big   year with Disney, my husband’s hand surgeries, the broken dish washer, the broken toilets… the list seems to never end.   In order to keep us from dipping into savings too much, we’ve been eating from the pantry and only making about one or two trips a month.   However, we’ve depleted our stockpile almost completely!

Now, I have to get back into the swing of frugal shopping and sharing my trips with you!   Wish me luck.   Getting motivated to hit the grocery store with three kids in tow or in the evening when my husband finally gets home (and I’m exhausted), is going to be hard!

But, I’m doing it…

Because you asked…

A lot!

And, because we do have to eat…

Sunday’s Stories & Families

This one I am so excited about, because it falls right in line with an idea I’ve been tossing around!

You’d like to hear frugal stories & ways to save as a family

  • Amazing Grocery Trips
  • Inspirational Money-Saving Stories
  • Hysterical Couponing Experiences & Confessions
  • Frugal Family Fun Ideas
  • Ideas to Save as a Family
  • D.I.Y. Frugal Ideas & Tips

So, I”m going to turn Sunday over to YOU sometimes!   If you have a story that falls into one of these categories, please send me your frugal story and it may appear on In Good Cents, with a short bio about you, your family, and/or your blog (if you have one).

What am I looking for?   Here’s a few examples of ideas:

  • The excitement you felt when you first started couponing, even if you didn’t save much at first
  • The steps your family took to save for that “big purchase”
  • How couponing saved your family when you were struggling financially
  • The giggles at your mom-daughter sleepovers when dad’s out of town
  • You’ve had to quit using your home phone, because it’s making a horrible static noise and you can’t hear callers, but you don’t buy a new one (not that I’m doing that… *blush*… but don’t call my home phone, okay?)
  • Why did you start couponing and why do you continue?
  • Giving up your gym membership and dancing like crazy around the house with the kids for aerobic exercise (umm… not me again… *looks embarassed*)
  • Your son learned to use scissors cutting out coupons and now you’re working on math   problems (If yogurt is 2 for 44 and you have a $0.50 off 1 coupon that will double, how much will you spend if you buy one?).
  • The steps you take to make your kids fashionable frugal flip-flops each summer for only $2 each!

You get the idea, right?   So, send me your frugal story! And I’ll be posting them, plus, I have a few of my own.

This will be so much fun!

Don’t forget to fill out the Reader Survey to tell me about you, what you love, and what you’d enjoy!

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