Sunday Stories: Laura’s Marsh Supermarket Savings (55%)

by Beth Montgomery on January 9, 2011

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Laura, a mother of 4, is graciously sharing her wonderful trip to Marsh Supermarket yesterday.   She went to take advantage of the wonderful 3-Day Only Dairy Sale, but picked up a few other necessities while she was there.


(10) Milk (1/2 gal.): $9.80
(1) Dozen Eggs: $0.28 (Used In-Ad Marsh Supermarket Super Saving Coupon)
(2) Marsh Supermarket Food Club Waffles: $5.00
(4) SoftSoap Hand Soap: $1.20 (used (4) $0.35/1 Coupons **Doubled**)*
(2) Tyson Bacon: B1G1 @ $5.99
(1) Mission Tortilla: $1.99
(4) Kellogg’s Special K: $3.50 (used (2) B1G1 Coupons)
(5) Athenos Greek Yogurt: $5.00**
(5) Marsh Supermarket Butter: $9.40
(1) Tyson Chicken: $5.41 ($1.98/lb.)
(2) Kraft American Cheese: $2.56
(8) Peter Pan Peanut Butter: $7.92 (used (4) $1.00/2 Coupons)
(2) Orville Popcorn: B1G1 @ $3.35

Tax: : $0.18
Final Out-of-Pocket: $58.30!!!! (47 items)

Total Savings: $72.12 (55%)

*I know the SoftSoap coupons were for a certain size but Marsh Supermarket had a “special buy size” for $1.00 which met the requirements of the coupon.
**I hadn’t intended to buy it but they were giving out samples and it was so good I had to have it LOL!!!

The person at the register said “Wow!!   Good job!!   You get the prize for today!!!”   I also had to get a raincheck for the Green Giant frozen vegetables, they were all out of corn.   And, I’m done for the week because with my stock on hand, there is nothing more we need :)

Groceries for 6 people for the week $58.30!!

I’m pretty excited :)   I’m going to CVS tomorrow and have a $20.00 gift card and a coupon for $5.00/$30.00.   I should do pretty well there too!!!

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10-1/2 gl Milk for                                 $9.80

1-dozen eggs                                        $0.28 (used coupon in ad)

2-Marsh Supermarket Food Club waffles $5.00

4-soft soap                                            $1.20 (used 4x$0.35*)

2-Tyson Bacon  BOGO               $5.99

1-Mission Tortilla                               $1.99

4-Special K                                               $3.50 (used 2xBOGO coupon and if you 4  bought for each box was $1.75**)

5-Athenos Yogurt                                 $5.00 (I hadn’t intended to buy it but they were giving out samples and it was so good I had to have it LOL!!!)

5-Marsh Supermarket Butter                                      $9.40

1-Tyson Chicken                               $5.41 ($1.98/lb)

2-Kraft Am. Cheese                       $2.56

8-Peter Pan peanut butter     $7.92 (used 4x$1.00/2)

2-Orville Popcorn BOGO         $3.35

Tax                                                                   $0.18

For a grand total of                     $58.30!!!! (47 items)

Saving                                                       $72.12 (55%)

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