90-Day Budget Boot Camp – Challenge #12 Wrap-Up & Winner

by Beth Montgomery on September 22, 2010 · 2 comments

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This is Challenge #12 sponsored by Peter Pan, in the 90-Day Budget Boot Camp. If you’re new, find out how you can join to kick your own budget’s butt!

Our #12 challenge was to give!

As I mentioned, the more you manage your budget and learn to save, the easier giving is for you.   When you’re struggling, giving things away can be so hard.   But, when you start getting a few FREEbies and snagging amazing deals, suddenly, it’s not so hard to give a bit of it away to those who need it.

I must say, when we started this, we didn’t know how it would go.   I hoped to help others save and I got chills reading their final posts.   I’m so proud (LOL!).

But, how did our challengers do? Read on to find out and check out their sites for full details! And don’t forget to link-up your own wrap-ups!

– – Alli ‘n Son – –

Alli is still working on this week’s challenge, as she gathers great deals together to donate.   She loves the way it feels, making someone else’s life a bit easier, without causing financial strain to her family.

Quote from Alli ‘n Son –
“Some of the challenges took a lot of work and pre-planning at first. But I’ve found that the more I do them, like coupon/sale shopping and rewards programs, they become more second nature. And the more money they save me.”

“I’m putting together a box of items {including a jar or two of Peter Pan Peanut Butter, who graciously sent me 4 jars for taking part of this challenge!} that I will be donating to our local food pantry or woman’s shelter in a month or two. Once I’ve accumulated enough items to make it donation-worthy.”

Find out what Allie’s goals are as she continues to cut her budget!

– – Better in Bulk – –

Laura is feeling more confident now with her budget!   She not only donated to her children’s school this week, but also to a homeless shelter.

Quote from Better in Bulk –
“And now? Three months later, I am feeling more confident with my budget and I am saving money. I use a hand full of coupons at every shopping trip, and I am finally convinced that coupon shopping is the way to go (when combined with in-store sales, of course). I love reading my receipts after each shopping trip and seeing that I am saving around 50% on each visit. I am well on my way to mastering rolling rewards, and I am determined to keep going with it. And best of all, my cupboards have food on them and I’m using those items and wasting less.

“I was thrilled to find a donation box at my kids’ elementary school where I could donate some of the extra school supplies that we gathered by shopping the back to school sales. Yes, believe it or not, although I shopped for 5 kids’ back to school supplies, even I ended up with extra folders, notebooks, pencils, and erasers. And composition books. Don’t forget the composition books.”

Find out what else Laura donated!

– – The Good-Son Family Journey – –

Mitzi is excited, now living on one income, to continue to saving and can’t wait to see her savings!   She did amazing this week at Babies ‘R Us!   Even I’m impressed!!!

Quote from The Good Son Family Journey –
“I am so happy to have been a party of such a wonderful & amazing teaching challenge; just the other day I had my greatest saving moment yet.   I walked into Babies R Us & purchased a 140 count box of Pampers, 2 new silverware sets for B & some new hangers & paid ZERO DOLLARS!!!

“This week we had to give something away so I cleaned out my closet & gave what I had to a local battered women & children’s shelter.   I also used my coupon savvyness to get some of the more personal items that they are always in need of from CVS, Walgreens, & Kroger.”

Find out how Mitzie plans to continue saving on one income!

– – Rudy Family Rukus – –

Brandie’s excited she made through and learned a lot.

Quote from Rudy Family Rukus –

“I realized that not only can I save money but I can also live greener and teach my kids great habits as well.  We are eating more healthy and here at home. “We did eat out today but it was a special occasion.  We met our “daddy” for lunch.  I was thrilled that the restaurant we chose was having a buy a fortune cookie for $2 and get the chance to donate to St. Jude’s Hospital (Children’s Cancer) and possibly get your meal for free.  That fit perfectly with the challenge for this week to give back or donate.”

Find out what Brandie’s fortune said and how she plans to continue saving!

– – Giveaway Winner – –

And the winner’s, chosen randomly through Random.org, of the Peter Pan Peanut Butter giveaway are –

  1. Paula!

Check out Peter Pan for some seriously delicious peanut butter.   But, don’t get the whipped, or you’ll just sit with a spoon and eat it all in one day (not that I’d know from experience!)

– – Wrap-Up Link-Up – –

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