90-Day Budget Boot Camp Challenge #6 – Wrap-Up & Winner

by Beth Montgomery on August 11, 2010 · 2 comments

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This is Challenge #6 was sponsored by P&G, in the 90-Day Budget Boot Camp. If you’re new, find out how you can join to kick your own budget’s butt!

Our 6 challenge was to only purchase products on sale with a coupon! It’s tough.   Even for us pros, but it’s the best way to save money!   And, if you can stockpile enough that you only need to shop each week to replenish your pantries with what is on sale and has a coupon, it’s much easier.

But, how did our challengers do? Read on to find out and check out their sites for full details! And don’t forget to link-up your own wrap-ups!

– – 3 Under 4 – –

Despite pregnancy cravings, Kristina did quite well.   She only filled her cart with sale items, excluding splurging on some Pepsi, which I have to understand.   For us, it’s Mountain Dew and Cherry Coke!

Quote from 3 Under 4 – “Truthfully, it went quite well.  This week due to feeling pretty lousy (read: like crap) and not feeling the love of taking three perfectly behaved hooligans out in public, I did a whirlwind shop of yogurt, produce, lunch meat, and cheese at Aldi’s.  These items, even though they weren’t on sale, are staples in our house, so I HAD to buy them.

Read more about Kristina’s experiences and combating pregnancy cravings on a budget!

– – Alli ‘n Son – –

Though Alli did master looking through the sale ads for the best deals and pairing them with coupons this week, it was time consuming and unfortunately, didn’t see much of a different in her budget.   However, she did learn a lot!

Quote from Alli ‘n Son – “So for me, stacking sale items and coupons just didn’t work out. At least for food purchases. Or maybe I just didn’t have the right pairing of coupons to the sales available. But I am keeping my eye out for some up coming sales on hair products, deodorant, body wash and lotion. I have some mega coupons that need to be used up by the end of the month. I think that it is this type of item where I will really seem the most savings.

Check out the Top 10 Things Alli Learned and read more about her challenge experience.

– – Better in Bulk – –

Laura was able to use more coupons this week and paid better attention to sales before she even hit the stores.   She even stuck to her list, but worries finding enough coupons and sale matches to feed her large family is a huge challenge.

Quote from Better in Bulk – “I was successful in that I was able to use more coupons as well as pay better attention to the sales before I set foot in the store. I even carried the store’s circular in my purse to remind myself of the things that my store was featuring that week. I stuck with my list, and didn’t wander up and down aisles. I consider that a huge success.

Find out where Laura found coupons and more about her experience!

– – The Good-Son Family Journey – –

Mitzi had the challenge of feeding 6 brand-specific adults, 3 picky kids, and even 4 dogs for a family picnic this week.   They did well on the meat, since the stockpiled on Costco, but since she had to buy specific things to satisfy her visitors, it did add up.

Quote from The Good Son Family Journey – “I don’t think that indulging in specifics is bad all of the time but if you look at the cost comparison you will see a big difference in the pocket book over time.   I am happy that I can eat the “off” brands & not really care but I do have to admit I made myself a sandwich to take to work today & used the “Dukes” mayo on it & it was I think the best sandwich I have had in quite a while!

Find out what Mitzi bought and how she’s going to have to start searching for a few more coupons!

– – Rudy Family Rukus – –

While Brandy said this challenge was “almost impossible”, she promises it can be done.   In fact, she borrowed a secret from someone to help her get though!   She saved big this week on razors and even got FREE body wash!   Plus, as suggested, she only picked up fruits and vegetables priced around $1 per pound or under.

Quote from Rudy Family Rukus – The razors were a huge savings I got 4 Gillette Sensor razors for my husband normally $8.99 and I got them for about $2.49 a piece.  I also got my razors and replacement blades for a great deal.  I also got my favorite body wash for FREE.  I was so excited!!

Find out Brandy’s secret that helped her make her menu plan and save money this week.

– – Giveaway Winner – –

And the winner’s, chosen randomly through Random.org, of the P&G Gift Basket is –


    – – Wrap-Up Link-Up – –

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