August 2010

Guest Post – Negotiating Great Deals

by Beth Montgomery on August 31, 2010

in Announcements

Dana Joseph (otherwise known as Mrs. Not Made of Money), is a  SAHM  to 4 adorable kiddos.   She writes the personal finance blog “Not Made of Money” with her husband where they share  money saving tips to help people live a debt free life.

Not all prices are set in stone, especially these days, when many items are for sale on internet auction sites and the like, adding a lot of competition to local and chain stores. If you know how to negotiate, you can find a way to lower prices of many of the items that you buy. Here are five tips to use when you attempt to negotiate a deal on your next purchase.

1. Be Willing To Negotiate

Negotiation is a nerve-wrecking exercise for many of us. However, if you are willing to take a chance and give it a try, getting a no is the worst that can happen. Do not be afraid to approach a seller with a new price. A little boldness can go a long way.

2. Be Willing to Walk Away

For many sellers, if they believe you will still buy an item at its current price, they have no incentive to lower the price for you. You must be willing to cancel the deal if they do not negotiate a lower price. That means you may have to walk away, even if it is something you want. If you walk away because you did not get the deal you wanted, you may very well hear from that seller a few days later.

3. Talk to the Person in Charge

Many people working at places such as car lots, realty offices, etc., have little or no authority to change the price of an item. Make sure when you are negotiating that you talk to someone who has the authority to change the price of the item in question. This may mean asking for a manager or supervisor.

4. Shop Around and Get Competitor’s Prices

Many large chain stores have price matching incentives for customers. If you as a customer can find a competitor with the same item for a cheaper price, get the ad and bring it to the store. You can often get that item for the same price or cheaper than the competitor. Doing your homework also lets the store manager know that you are serious about buying and not just window shopping.

5. Be Persistent

Sometimes you may have to ask more than once when trying to get that great deal. You may have to be patient as well. If you don’t get a discount the first time you ask, come back later and try again. The seller may be at the point that they need to get rid of the item if it has not sold, and they may be more willing to lower the price the second (or third) time around.

Negotiation can be tough, and a bit scary. However, with a little work and a little courage, you can save some serious money!

Mrs. Not Made of Money shares money saving tips at her blog

Beth’s Note: I love the be willing to walk away.   One important lesson I’ve learned from my Grandpa, is that if there is anything in the world that you can’t live without, than you probably need to do just that.   Of course, he was teaching me this lesson when I was insistent that I couldn’t live without the cutest yellow car, so he probably didn’t realize I was listening.

Read more great guest posts from Dana or find out how to be a guest blogger on In Good Cents!

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Last Chance – August Coupons!!

by Beth Montgomery on August 31, 2010

in Coupons & Rebates

End Month Calendar

Yikes, August is coming to an end.   Today!   Summer will soon be behind us.   However, whining about cold days in our future, isn’t my goal here.   Actually, it’s my monthly reminder that the coupons on many sites will be changing soon.   Today may be your last chance to print the August coupons before they disappear.

Don’t fret, new ones will be appearing tomorrow!

Want more coupons?   Check out all of the recent HOT coupons!

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Print a very HOT $2/1 Nivea Lip Care coupon, that might snag you some FREE at many stores, like WalMart where it’s regularly priced under $2.

And peek to see what other coupons you can snag!

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What is jasmere?

jasmere is a social shopping site that promotes lesser known retailers who deserve national attention. Then, they negotiate with these businesses to get discount group rates up to 70% off retail value.   The more customers who make a purchase, the lower the price will go.

jasmere is an equal opportunity social shopping site, so you may see anything – woman’s clothing, baby fashions, housewares, jewelry, food, pet needs, kids stuff, toys, and so much more!

What do you need to know?

1.   jasmere lists the “current price” for their featured sale item.   However, when more people make a purchase, the “current price” may lower.   When it lowers, it lowers for everyone, even those who already made their purchase.

2.   Often, jasmere offers vouchers, which work like gift certificates and can be used to make any purchase on the site!

3.   Each day a new site is “Featured” and their sale is 24 hours only.   Features end each weekday at noon EST.

4. jasmere promotes companies that are eco-friendly, so you’ll often find organic, recycled, and other retailers who are doing their part to preserve the environment.

5. Check out jasmere on Facebook to enter daily giveaways for a chance to win the Featured Product absolutely FREE!

How do I make a purchase?

1.     Check out jasmere’s Featured Product each day and make sure to sign up for daily alerts, so you don’t miss a great deal.

2.   Click the “Order now!” button and checkout.

3.   Complete the payment information.   Your credit card will be authorized, so you may see a hold appear to let them know your credit card is valid.

4. The current price may lower as more orders are made.   When the featured item ends at noon EST, the final price will be charged to your credit card, so you get the lowest possible price.   Therefore, you may be charged less than you expected to pay.

Today’s Feature (August 31, 2010) –

Until noon EST tomorrow, you can get $41 voucher for Ottilie & Lulu’s   for only $17!   Like I said, this price may drop as more order,but this is still 59% off of retail price.

Designed for girls age 7-14, Ottilie & Lulu includes hair care, skin care for face or body, sun protection, and gifts specially formulated for tween girls, such as lotion to make you glow, spa essentials for sleepovers, and silky detangler.

For more on Social Shopping, read Understanding Social Shopping – Getting Started & Tips!

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Rite-Aid – UPromise Now Accepted!

by Beth Montgomery on August 31, 2010

in Rite Aid, Store Deals

Rite-Aid Logo

Have questions about shopping at Rite-Aid? Read how you can save money at Rite-Aid to pick up tips and tricks!

Rite-Aid was just recently added to the list of participating UPromise stores!   Now, you can use those wonderful e-coupons that are deposited into your UPromise account when you make a purchase at Rite-Aid.   Remember, since these coupons don’t give you instant savings, they can be stacked with manufacture and store coupons.

Thanks Janet!

Don’t forget to check out all of the store deals and the other Rite-Aid deals.

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Have questions about shopping at Target? Read how you can save money at Target to pick up tips and tricks!

Target is making headlines recently. Some good news. Some not so good news. But, both you need to know about as consumers!

– – In-Store System Issues – –

First, lets start with the bad, which is also the most important for you to know about, since it could cost you.

Recently, Target made a few changes to their in-store register system nationwide, so that coupons would automatically adjust down if an item was less than the value of the coupon.   Sounds convenient, huh?   Unfortunately, the upgrade isn’t working properly the end result is that many customers aren’t getting the full value for their coupons.

Coupons that are for multiple purchases, like $1/2 or a $2/3, are where the problem is occurring. Lets say you purchase two items for $0.75 each and try to use a $1/2 coupon. Since the coupon isn’t more than the value of the items individual prices, you should end up paying $0.25 each, without any adjustments being made. However, their new system is comparing the full value of the coupon to the price of a single item and adjusting the coupon down to $0.75, not giving consumers the full value.

I had hoped that once Target found out, they’d fix the problem immediately or find a temporary solution until a fix could be found, but days are flying by and it seems that Target is still “working on a fix”, while consumers are getting short changed. In the end, until a solution is found, you need to watch cash registers carefully, check your receipts, and make sure you’re getting full value for your coupons!

Target is urging consumers to speak up and point out issues with their coupon values, so if you experience and problems that your local Target won’t fix, make sure to contact Headquarters! Hopefully, this won’t last much longer though.

– – My TargetWeekly Customized Ads – –

On the bright side, Target did release some new technology that is also making headline and works wonderfully – My TargetWeekly! You can now register with Target, then customize the ad to match what you want to see, plus make a custom shopping list from your new custom ad and get alerts when specific items on your list go on sale. Here’s how:

  1. Head to My TargetWeekly and register via Facebook.
  2. View the ad by module, page, or category.
  3. Flip through the sales and remove modules that don’t interest you. For example, don’t have a pet? With a click of the “X”, you can remove all pet sale notifications from your personal ad.
  4. Next, add modules you do want to see. Have a baby? Make sure you add the “Kids + Baby” module to see the baby sale items each week.
  5. Now, when you scroll over a sale item, an arrow will appear. From here, you can tell Target that you “Love It” or add it to “My Weekly List” for it to appear on your customized shopping list.
  6. And finally, looking for something specific? Dreaming of a new HDTV for football season? Set up a “My Deal Alert” to get notified when it goes on sale!

You can even get more detailed. Vegetarians can remove all meat from their ad, while couponers like us can make sure to add the “Featured Coupons”.

Now, if they’d only tell us if the coupons on their site were manufacturer or store coupons, so we didn’t waste ink printing coupons we think are store coupons, only to find out they are manufacturer. Or maybe show us which items in the circular have a matching store coupon! That would be wonderful.

Don’t forget to check out all of the store deals and the other Target deals.

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