90-Day Budget Boot Camp – Challenge #2 Wrap-Up & Winners

by Beth Montgomery on July 14, 2010 · 5 comments

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This is Challenge #2, sponsored by Ziplist, in the 90-Day Budget Boot Camp.   If you’re new, find out how you can join to kick your own budget’s butt!

Our 2nd challenge was to create and stick to a shopping list!

Me? I’m a list maker and I’m pretty stubborn about sticking to it, to the point that I often miss great deals on clearance or unadvertised.   That’s probably a bit downfall of mine, but I rarely, if ever, go over my planned budget.   So, really, it’s really a choice I’ve made that helps us save, but I do get jealous when I hear of a great deal I walked right by!

After reading everyone’s experiences, here are 5 tips to keep you going and saving

1. Sales aren’t always a good deal. Sometimes things we think are a good deal, really aren’t.   It’s pays (or really saves) to research, instead of impulse shopping.   Usually you can find a better deal somewhere else.

2. Impulse buying adds up! Picking up items not on your list as you head through the store can quickly turn your $50 shopping plan into a $100 grocery trip.   Pay attention next time to how much you were suppose to spend and how much you actually spent to see how much your impulse shopping is costing you.

3. Involve your family in making your list and your budget.   Even your youngest one can get involved and become a bit more money-savvy.   Ask my 3-year-old about coupons if you need proof!

4. Keep an on-going list instead of trying to make it all in one day.   ZipList is great, since you can add to it from anywhere when you remember something you need, or you do it the old fashion way and keep an on-going list on the fridge.

5. Add prices to your shopping list and track your spending as you create your shopping list.   This way you can watch as things add up and manage your spending easier.

But, how did our challengers do? Read on to find out and check out their sites for full details!   And don’t forget to link-up your own wrap-ups!

– – 3 Under 4 – –

Kristina found that she makes a list, but usually fails to complete it and often impulse shops sales.   She realizes that bargains aren’t a bargain when you don’t have the money in the first place and she has a plan on how to remedy the issues of forgetting many necessary items on her shopping list.   Plus, she actually started to impulse shop, but stopped!   Go Kristina!

Quote from 3 Under 4 –
“So, how to remedy the situation?  Well, this week I will put a designated piece of paper on my fridge and keep track of our “needs” there.  Then, I really will try to stick to the list that I make once I go shopping.  Maybe I should make a cursory round of the house before I go shopping to see if anything sticks out.”

Read more about Kristina’s experiences and her love of online shopping and find out how she did!

– – Alli ‘n Son – –

This week, Alli learned that even though she is not a big impulse buyer, like Kristina, she often skips the items on her list that she “just knows she needs” and doesn’t account for them upfront.   Plus, she, like many of us, has a weakness for good deals.

Quote from Alli ‘n Son –
“I’m not a big impulse buyer in general. Which is a good thing. It wasn’t painful not to add that bag of M&M’s to my cart, because it’s not something that I normally by, with or without a list. When I do have an impulse buy, it’s something like a bottle of flavored water for $0.69. I’m not really a big spender.”

Alli also mentioned, she doesn’t know how she ever shopped without ZipList!   Head over to get the full scoop on Alli’s experiences this week!

– – Better in Bulk – –

Laura learned a few things this week, like how important list making is to your budget.   She also wants to spend an extra 10 minutes before she heads to the store to plan out her trip to help her save time wandering aisles.

Quote from Better in Bulk –
“Shopping lists are not only important for the ingredients I need for this week’s meals, but they are important for those staples that we are running low on. Just last week, the kids went looking for vegetable oil to make pancakes, and couldn’t find any. They made their pancakes with olive oil. Oops. I guess I should be keeping better track.”

Find out what else Laura learned that she believes will make a big difference in her budget in the future!

– – The Good-Son Family Journey – –

Mitzi took the initiative to talk with her husband and made a menu together, so they cut back on eating out.   She also, like me, started feeding her young son more of the food they eat, instead of pre-made toddler meals, which can definitely hurt your budget.

Quote from The Good Son Family Journey –
“I have my list all set & Lance & I both sat down & decided  everything on the menu together so that should help tremendously as well.   I have things that he has suggested & wants so that should help denture him (& me)  from eating out.”

Find out more about how Mitzi did this week and read her Meal Plan & shopping list!

– – Rudy Family Rukus – –

Brandie, didn’t even realize people shop without lists, since she, like me, tends to be scatter brained!   Her problem, like many, is sticking to that list.   But, she saved $90 and even stockpiled a bit on some things she’ll need.

Quote from Rudy Family Rukus –
“I highly recommend involving your spouse in the budget.  I know that may sound obvious to most of you but at our house I am in charge of our budget, my mistake is not involving my husband in every purchase.  I am going to be much better about that from now on.”

Learn more about Brandie’s shopping trip and her savings!

– – Giveaway Winner – –

And the winner’s, chosen randomly through Random.org, of the ZipList Blue Avocado Shopping Starter Kits are –

  1. rwb (rtgrrl7@…)
  2. Robin (radnascar@…)
  3. Terra (terraljones@…)
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  5. Sarah (sekeil5@…)

Check out ZipList to easily create your own shopping list, add to it from anywhere, and more!

– – Wrap-Up Link-Up – –

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