Kroger e-Coupons – Stackable or Not?

by Beth Montgomery on June 25, 2010 · 9 comments

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Q. Can I use a Kroger e-coupon with a manufacturer coupon?

With every change a store headquarters makes, often mass confusion follows throughout the nation and that goes for the Kroger eCoupons now available on their store website.

First, let me pause and clarify one thing… there are currently four sites that provide e-coupons – Cellfire, Shortcuts, P&G e-Saver, and Kroger.   While, in my area, Kroger is the only store that accepts e-coupons, the coupons found on sites like Cellfire are actually manufacturer coupons and should be used as so.   In fact, there are many other stores that accept these coupons.   They just aren’t in my area.

However, the coupons found on the Kroger website are actually store coupons.   At most stores you can use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item purchased.   So does Kroger play by this rule?

A while back, my friend Renae at Madame Deals, who is the Kroger Expert for Deal Seeking Mom asked and received this reply by headquarters –

Thank you for contacting The Kroger Co.  The coupons that you download onto your card from the Website are considered store  coupons.  You may use one store coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per item.

But recently, many have been told at their local Kroger the rule is one coupon per item no matter what.   So what’s the truth?

I called customer service five times to ask.   Why? Well, the answers were all over the place, so I figured if I called enough times I’d get someone who knew the answer.   I didn’t.   Here’s what I did get –

  1. Kroger doesn’t have store coupons. You’re mistaken.   Yes, I’m sure about this.
  2. No, you can’t use the store coupons with the manufacturer coupons, but if they are already on your Kroger Plus Card, they come off automatically, so there’s no way we can stop you. So, I guess you can use them together if you don’t point it out to us.
  3. Oh yes, you can use them together.   It’s one store and one manufacturer coupon per item, unless the item will be free. We aren’t giving you anything for free.
  4. What’s an e-coupon?   Kroger has those?   Where?   You don’t have to have a coupon coupon?   It’s just on your card?   Weird.   And cool.   But, I think the managers decide.   Yeah, the managers can override anything we say, so you should ask them.
  5. Ummm… let me check.   Umm… I can’t find anything here saying you can use them together.   But, I can’t find anything saying you can’t use them together.   Um… I’m going to say no.   Yes.   Definitely no… I think.

So, I called my local Kroger, where I’ve always had good luck using coupons.   In one long rambling sentence the manager contradicted himself 3 times and basically told me the same exact thing as Customer Service Representative #2 and #3.   Even if we were just taking a poll, I’m pretty sure at this point, the majority result would be complete confusion.

I’ve e-mailed headquarters to see what answer I get there.   Until then, I think we can safely summarize this situation with a famous quote from the lead vocalist for REM, Michael Stipe –

Sometimes I’m confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn’t obvious.

What’s your experience with the Kroger e-coupons at your store?   What have you been told?

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