Guest Post: Keeping Your Hobby Expenses In Check

by Beth Montgomery on May 26, 2010

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Dana Joseph (otherwise known as Mrs. Not Made of Money), is a  SAHM  to 4 adorable kiddos.   She writes the personal finance blog “Not Made of Money” with her husband where they share  money saving tips to help people live a debt free life.

Hobbies bring a lot of benefit to the daily lives of many people. They give people an opportunity to learn new things, to feel pride at their accomplishments, and to share their hobby with others. For all of their benefits, hobbies can also wreak havoc on a budget. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to try to keep your hobby costs in check.

1. Stock up on supplies when they are on sale.
Scrapbookers will find that retailers like Hobby Lobby or Joann’s Craft Stores regularly lower their costs on scrapbooking supplies. Likewise, car enthusiasts will find that stores like their local Auto Zone will run specials on products that are more to their liking, such as kits to detail the interiors of cars. Learning to watch the sales ads for stores that cater to your hobby will allow you to purchase the things you need to pursue your hobby at a lower price.

2. Find supplies for your hobby in unexpected places.
Some of the best woodworking projects are crafted from discarded scraps from other projects. Clothing articles that are past their prime can still be useful; quilters can incorporate their fabric into their handiwork. Utilizing found or repurposed materials into your hobby saves money and allows you to recycle things that might have otherwise ended up in the trash.

3. Shop for your hobby supplies during their off-season.
Gardeners will find that their supplies are often deeply discounted as the summer days turn to fall. Hunters will find their gear for coping with the cold during winter can also be found much cheaper towards the end of winter. Learning to plan ahead for your hobby’s projects for next year, will allow you to get ready and save money.

4. Organize friends who share your hobby for a supply swap.
Over time, chances are that you’ve accumulated some hobby supplies that no longer appeal to you. Your friends likely have, too. Get together for a night of themed fun that’s focused on your hobby. Everyone can bring the supplies that they are willing to share and take home some that they like.

Devoting your time to a hobby is a perfectly healthy endeavor. Now, by learning how to pursue your favorite past times without breaking the bank, you’ll be able to keep your financial health, as well.

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Beth’s Note: I’m lucky.   The hobby I’m most addicted to is couponing and reading.   Since couponing saves me money and I can get books free at the local library, my hobbies are super cheap.

What’s your hobby and how do you save to do what you love?

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