My Meijer & Target Grocery Trip (71% Savings!!), 4/18/10

by Beth Montgomery on April 19, 2010 · 6 comments

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I usually shop on Thursdays, but last week got away from me.   Now suddenly, it’s Monday and I finally had time to hit the stores.   My husband, who carried in the bags said, “What,?!? Did you feel like blowing the rest of the month’s grocery budget today?”.

I looked at him confused, “Huh? How much did I have?”   Bewildered, I was thinking I’d spent some of my weekly $50 budget on something already and couldn’t remember what!   But no, he told me I had almost $100 left (I went over one week this month).   I just continued to look at him with complete confusion.

“This looks like $80 worth of groceries,”   He explained.

We’ve been married over 6 years now.   I’ve been extremely frugal for almost 4 of them.   And he’s still shocked every time I show him a receipt.   I guess we still have surprises in our relationship, which keeps things interesting, right?   Don’t get me started on the times I have sent him to the store and he leaves shaking his head at my “plan”, but comes home with this wide-eyed looks and exclaims, “It worked!”

I’m pretty sure this time, the only person more shocked than Scott was the Target cashier, who just kept repeating, “You got a shirt free.   You got a whole shirt absolutely free.”

– – Meijer – –

File Folders $2.99
Beach Nut Rice Cereal 2 @ $1.42
Meijer Gallon Milk 2 @ $2.29
Meijer Lunchmeat 2 @ $0.50
Pork Chops $3.26
Chicken Drumsticks $2.66
Blackberries $2
Betty Crocker Frozen Vegetables 4 @ $1 (Used 2 $0.50/2 Coupons, Doubled)
Old Orchard Frozen Juice 4 @ $1 (Used $1/4 Coupon)
Strawberries $1
Meijer Garlic Bread $1
Hillshire Little Smokies $1 (Markdown)
Softsoap Liquid Soap $1 (Used $0.35/1 Coupon, Doubled)
Del Monte Fruit Chillers 2 @ $1.99 (Used $1/2 Meijer Mealbox Coupon & 2 $1/1 Coupons)
Betty Crocker Skillet Potatoes $1 (Used $0.25/1 Coupon, Doubled)
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 2 @ $1 (Used 2 $0.40/1 Coupons, Doubled)
Meijer Soft Cookies $1
Meijer Wheat Bread 2 @ $1
Campbell’s Select Harvest Soups 2 @ $1
Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta 2 @ $1 (Used $0.75/1 Coupon)

Used $20 off your next purchase promotion (Meijer Catalina)
Got $1 off for 10/$10, 11th item FREE sale

Meijer Promotions & Non-Coupon Savings: $39.98
Coupon Savings: $8.55

Final Price: $15.20 (76% Savings)

It would have been more, but it was one of those shopping trips.   My son ate (yes, ate!) my other Ronzoni Smart Taste and the Campbell’s Select Harvest coupons in line.   Then somewhere along the line, my 3-year-old, who was quite unhappy about the purchase of green beans, decided to chuck my second “11th Item” out of the cart somewhere along the line. $1.75 in coupons and a totally FREE item gone!   Ugh!

Sigh… kids.   We have to love them… it’s the law.   Mine are lucky they are exceptionally cute.

– – Target – –

Merona Women’s T-Shirt $1.07   (Clearanced, Used $2/1 Target Coupon, Adjusted to $1.07)
Up Cotton Balls $0.97
Breath Right Strips $10.99 (Used $2.50/1 Coupon & $2/1 Target Coupon)
Bath Sponge $1.29
Spray Bottle $1.37 (Clearanced)
Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer $1.79 (Used $0.50/1 Coupon)

Target Promotions & Non-Coupon Savings: $11.11
Coupon Savings: $6.07

Final Price: $12.29 (58% Savings)

– ” Grand Total ” –

Meijer Savings: $48.53
Target Savings: $17.18

Meijer Price: $15.20
Target Price: $12.29

Grand Total: $93.20
Final Savings: $65.71
Final Price: $27.49
Savings: 71%

Looks like Scott was wrong!   It was over $90 in groceries, but I did stay WELL within my budget.   Stay tuned for my CVS trip (when I finally get the time to go!) where Scott will probably freak out once again, assuming I went over budget.

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