My Grocery Trip (79% Savings at Marsh!!), 4/8/10

by Beth Montgomery on April 9, 2010 · 2 comments

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I haven’t kicked my new You Tube addiction yet, so now I’m forcing you to look at everything I got on my shopping trip last night!   Below is the breakdown of what I bought, the coupons I used, and how much I saved.

I didn’t do so well at Meijer.   My stinky husband kept adding odd things to my list that weren’t on sale, nor did I have a coupon for them.   He’d like to add a disclaimer here that he absolutely needed those things and he did tell me I didn’t have to include them in my budget, so he shouldn’t looked down upon for messing up my master plan.   However, because I’m brilliant, I still stayed almost within my $50 a week budget, so I’ve decided to let him live to see another day!   Now my disclaimer: I’d never really kill my husband, because he made me go over my grocery budget.   I’m a bit too head over heels in love to be able to live without him.

– – Meijer – –

Gerber Baby Food 6 @ $0.96 (Used $0.75/6 Catalina)
Gerber Baby Food Organic 4 @ $1.25 (Used $1/4 Catalina)
French’s Mustard $1.33 (Used $30/1, Doubled)
Jumbo Eggs $1.44
Meijer Frozen Steamer Vegetables 5 @ $1.25 (Sale 10/$10)
French’s Spicy Brown Mustard $1.89 (Used $0.50/1, Doubled)
Meijer Pepper $3.99
Kraft Deli Slice Cheese $4.49
Pork Ribs Family-Size Package $4.80 (Sale)
Digorno Frozen Pizza & Breadsticks 2 @ $6.29 (Used 2 $3/1)
Betty Crocker Warm Delights 2 @ $1.99 ( Sale $0.99, Used 2 $0.50/1, Doubled)
Red Grapes 4.03 lb @ $1.99/lb (Sale $0.99/lb)
Meijer Gallon Milk 2 @ $4.58 (Sale 2/$4)
Meijer Apple Juice $2.07 (Sale 3/$5)

Used $10 off your next Meijer purchase Catalina

Meijer Promotions & Non Coupon Savings: $15.75
Coupon Savings: $11.35

Final Price: $40.10 (40% Savings)

Got earn $20 off your next grocery purchase w/ new or transferred medicine, $0.75/3 Gerber Organic Foods, $2/14 Gerber 2nd Foods, & $1/4 Gerber DHA 2nd Foods.

On a side note, I’m pretty sure it’s not suppose to, but I always scan my Meijer One card when I shop and use my Credit Card.   You’re only suppose to get credit to your UPromise account, if you pay in cash or with a check, but I noticed today that I’m getting credit on it.

On to Marsh, where even though they scrutinized each and everyone one of my coupons, I still managed to save 79%!   Not quite sure what was up with the red-carpet treatment, but the sales associate had the manager come over and inspect my coupons one by one.   I would have understood if I was holding a Try-Me-Free coupon that was printed on the internet or a high value coupon, but they were checking out my $0.35/1 chocolate milk coupons and my $1/1 yogurt, not the free ones!   Odd, but at least they were nice about it and apologized, after the sales associate gave me a lecture on fraudulent coupons.

– – Marsh Supermarket – –

Shamrock Refuel Strawberry Milk 2 @ $1.39 (Sale 5/$5, Used 2 $0.50/1, Doubled)
Bananas 2.10 lb @ $0.49/lb (Sale $0.39/lb)
Strawberries $6.99 (Sale $2.98)
Brownberry Bread 2 @ $3.89 (Sale B1G1, Used 2 $1/1)
Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt 3 @ $2.69 (Sale 2/$3, Used 3 $1/1)
Fiber One Yogurt 2 @ $2.69 (Sale 2/$3, Used 2 $1/1)
Post Honey Nut Shredded Wheat $2.30 (Sale $1.99, Used $2/1)
Orville Redenbacher Kettle Popping Corn $3.68 (Sale 2/$6, Used Try-Me-Free)
Yoplait Simply… GoGurt $3.35 (Sale $3.15, Used Try-Me-Free)
Hershey’s Chocolate Milk 2 @ $1.39 (Sale 5/$5, Used 2 $0.30/1, Doubled)
Bagel Bites Deluxe, $2.79 (Sale 2/$4, Used $1/1)

Marsh Supermarket Promotions & Non Coupon Savings: $21.01
Coupon Savings: $17.77

Final Price: $10.14 (79% Savings)

– – Grand Total – –

Meijer Savings: $21.10
Marsh Supermarket Savings: $38.78

Meijer Price: $40.10
Marsh Supermarket Price: $10.14

Grand Total: $117.12
Final Savings: $66.88
Final Price: $50.24
Savings: 57%

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