Interactive Television Commercials = Coupons

by Beth Montgomery on April 18, 2010

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Television advertisers are struggling with ways to get us to watch television commercials, plus competing with the interactive fun of the Internet.   With TiVo and DVR, there’s no reason for us to even bother with commercials any   more.

I know I’m guilty!   I tape my shows even if I plan to watch them “live”, so I can sit down about 15 minutes after it starts and fast-forward through all the commercials.   I figure it’s good for me, because it cuts down how much time I spend in front of the tube?   That’s good logic, right?   It has to be a seriously eye catching commercial to get me to even stop, especially since I’d have to see it as it flies by my screen.

And this is probably why television advertising is 60% less effective now than two years ago!

Advertisers are getting crafty through.   A friend just e-mailed me to tell me that her TiVo just asked her if she wanted a coupon for Charmin!   Now that would (obviously) grab my attention!

Advertisers know, the longer they can keep our attention, the more likely we are to buy the product.   Now, popular brands like Proctor & Gamble, Burger King, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, and Kraft are releasing interactive television advertisements with games, coupons, and videos through many television providers from cable to TiVo.

If you have cable, satellite, DVD, or or TiVo, you may see ads popping up soon, if you haven’t already.   It may tell you to turn to a certain channel for more information or click a button on your remote and with a few simple steps, you could be playing a game, watching a video, or applying for your coupon via mail.   Our pre-recorded shows may no longer be safe from advertisements, but if I’m getting a good coupon, I might not care.

And while interactive ads are expensive and time consuming for advertisers, since each television provider uses different technology and needs their own format, early reports are showing that it’s working!   TiVo is showing proof that many views, 3.5 millin in fact, are checking out the ads and spending an average of 5 minutes playing around with them.

Hmmm… I wonder if it will last though.   The one-upon-a-time Marketer in me tends to think when it comes to viewing habits, I’d check it out if it said “coupon” definitely.   But, for other interactive ads, I’d probably check out a few while they’re new, but once the novelty wore off,   I think they’d start to annoy me just like the other commercials that interrupt my programs just when I’m really getting into them.

On the other hand… seriously!?! Where can’t you get a coupon these days!   Someday am I not going to blink an eye when my kids toys tell me they are running low on batteries and ask if I’d like an Energizer coupon?   As often as I forget to change those batteries, that’s probably a feature I need.

What do you think?   Has anyone seen them?

And are those coupons any good or the same as those you’d get in your newspaper insert? I don’t know… I don’t have TiVo!

And thanks Laura, for letting me know your television is dishing out coupons!

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