e-Course: Putting it into Practice & More Frugal Tips (VIDEO)

by Beth Montgomery on April 29, 2010 · 1 comment

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This is Part 29 of the 30-day Savings Soiree e-course by In Good Cents. View the most recent course in this series or head to the Saving Soiree e-course main menu.   Want to make sure you don’t miss a new course?   Subscribe to In Good Cents via RSS or e-mail!

We only have one more day until the 30-Day course ends, so today we’re starting to wrap things up with some tips on putting it into practice.

I know I said earlier that I have a $50 weekly budget for my family of 5 and that works for our family.   I don’t expect you to go out tomorrow and drop your budget as low as mine.   For most of you, this isn’t realistic.   I’ve been doing this for a while now.   I have many thing working in my favor, like the fact that I have a nice stockpile built up and that I’m familiar with coupons inside and out.

Some of you may become coupons overnight (like my mom did) and for others, it may take more time (like it took me), but if you don’t go at your own pace, you’ll get frustrated and overwhelmed.   Then you’ll decide it isn’t worth it and you’ll quit.   It doesn’t matter how much I save or how much your friends save or really how much any one else saves.   It’s about you and your family.   Working towards cutting your budget at your own pace, no matter what that pace is, is definitely worth it for your family.

So start slow.   And build up and add more on at your own pace until you get your budget exactly where you’d like it to be.

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