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by Beth Montgomery on April 13, 2010

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I am having trouble with the coupons not being where the lists say they are.   For example, this week, there is supposed to be a Q for Reese’s PB cups in the 3/14/10 SS, but it is not there in the SS from my paper.   I am not sure if I should look for a different paper or if there is a place online that I can get the same Qs.   There are places that say you can get the same Qs, but so far, I haven’t found one that is exactly the same as the newspaper inserts.

– Julie


Yes, I know!   I’m so sorry.

Each week, the coupon lists are available online ahead of time.   However, it’s typically a general list or the most common list.   Coupons vary by location.   Some brands that are only distributed in certain areas may only put coupons in those newspapers.   Also, a particular brand may be trying to increase sells in a certain area, so they release a coupon that’s only available to them.   It’s all about marketing, advertising, and sales.   Though it can be   a pain for us, there is logic behind it.

Also, coupon values tend to differ for numerous reasons.   I have been unable to find an exact list of the coupons in the Indianapolis newspaper ahead of time, but the list I do utilize has about 90% of the same coupons, so it’s about as close as they come.

However, just because I live in Indiana and so do you, doesn’t mean that our coupons will match mine exactly.   My mom lives only 1 1/2 hours from me, while my Dad lives 1 hour from me.   Both are in Indiana and both get different coupons than I do!   Sure they are almost the same, but there are some slight differences.

My recommendation is to make sure you always subscribe to the largest metropolitain newspaper in your area to get the most coupons.

But, I am with you on the let down!   I know I look at the coupon preview and get so excited about things like the Soy Joy coupons, only to find that once again, I didn’t get them.   So sad.   Don’t forget, you can buy entire inserts or individual coupons from clipping services like Coupons by Dede or The Coupon Clippers.

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