Frugal & Fun Kid's Birthdays: Slumber Parties

by Beth Montgomery on March 11, 2010

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Just party all night long!   It’s a cheap way to thrill your kids and have a blast on their birthday.   We had our daughter’s first sleepover at the ripe-old age of 3 years old.   We invited her cousins and one non-family friend. Shockingly enough, there were no midnight calls to mommies!   It was a hit.   Luckily for me, she was young enough I got to be in the middle of it all.   I’m going to be so sad when the yget older and I get excommunicated from the party, because I’m so uncool.

Don’t forget the food and snacks!

For Girls

I’m so much better with girls, because I’m still a little girl at heart and know what I’d want!   Makeovers are FREE.   Just curl, braid, twist, paint, sparkle, dust, and spray!   You can usually get cheap nail art stickers, tattoos, and other fun accessories at The Dollar Store.   Use your FREE Redbox rental codes or pay $1 for the night to get some age-appropriate chick-flicks.

Don’t forget some activities!   Let the girls make friendship bracelets, beaded necklaces, or other fun craft.

Be ready to hear giggling all night long! That’s part of the fun… and really the best part.

For Boys

Sleepovers are for boys too!   Want to make their day?   Pitch a tent in the backyard and let them camp out.   Winter?   Pitch it inside or make your own tent out of chairs and blankets.   This time use your FREE Redbox rental codes or pay $1 for the night to stock up on Star Wars and other popular boy movies.

Keep them entertained by sending them on a scavenger hunt or bug catching.

A Hotel

Yes, it’s not very frugal, but it’s always an option.   Instead of paying per person for a party location, you pay for one room and get access to the pool and other amenities.   Be sure to read your hotel’s policies, because there will be a limit on how many people can bunk-up in one room.

To be frugal, use your points, if you travel often.   If you travel enough, you could end up with a FREE party location!

The Next Morning

You’ll be sleep deprived.   They’ll be sleep deprived.   So plan an easy and quick breakfast.   Freeze a few pancakes or waffles to pop into the toaster, grab donuts, or, my favorite, breakfast burritos.

If your kids are old enough, you can always let them cook their own breakfast.   They’ll have fun whipping up omelets with their friends.   Don’t forget to set a pick-up time, so parents know when to arrive and the kids can be ready.

Not ready for the fun to end?   We bundled everyone up in the minivan and took them to church after Ady’s first sleepover.   I’m sure the Sunday School teachers loved me when I dropped off 4 hyper and overly-tired 3 year old girls.

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