Frugal & Fun Kid's Birthdays: Party Sites

by Beth Montgomery on March 10, 2010

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I have to say, partying at home is almost always your cheapest option. It’s FREE!   No rental fees. No admission.   And, best, no restrictions.   It’s your house. You make the rules.   And you can do what you want.   I love parties at home.   They don’t have to be boring.   They can even be better than the big Chuck E. Cheese parties.

  • Plan crafts, games, and activities
  • Pull out the kiddie pool, water balloons, slip ‘n slide, and sprinklers
  • Invest in a small bounce house when they are on sale near the end of summer
  • Get a automatic bubble blower to add ambiance to the backyard (or inside if you dare)
  • Turn your DVD player into a karaoke machine for only $29.99 using your own CD or Karaoke CDs

Want to leave the house?   Call the local park.   Shelters are often FREE or very affordable.   Plus, the playground offers FREE entertainment.

Having a birthday in the winter?   Think outside the box.   Instead of heading to the typical big party places that charge a fortune, many other places you might not consider also have options for large groups.   For example, near us is a small make-your-own ceramics business that allows parties and each kids gets to make something of their own to take home.   They don’t charge room rental or anything.   Just the cost of the ceramics.   Typically they host mom’s night out or similar groups, but they are a great place for a kids party too.

Also, places like Home Depot that often have FREE kid events, also host birthday parties.   You can bring your own food and the kids get to build something.   The cost here – FREE!

Places to consider:

  • restaurant
  • family-owned businesses
  • nature center
  • library, church, or community center
  • neighborhood recreation center/room or pool
  • “make-your-own” businesses
  • orchard, pumpkin patch, nursery, farm
  • places that often host groups from field trips to book clubs

If you are heading to a favorite party spot, keep in mind that your location typically has limitations, so check with them carefully.   Then bring whatever you can with you on party day.   Buying items from them like cakes, cards, and favors, is often insanely expensive, since they hike up the prices considerably.

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