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by Beth Montgomery on March 9, 2010 · 2 comments

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I have a family of 6.   I buy 4 papers a week.   How many papers do you buy and how many do you recommend??   I’ve read of people buying 10-20 papers and that just seems like a lot.   I’m thinking about going to 5-6 papers.

– From In Good Cents Reader’s Survey


I get this question a lot.   My answer may shock you.   Ready?

First, we have a family of 5.   And I buy…


Really.   Just one newspaper each week.   It’s the one I have delivered to my house.

I’ve found that when great deals come along, I always have the coupons I need to take advantage of it.   How?   Well, while there may be one coupon in this week’s insert, I also find an identical coupon in an insert from a month ago, one I printed online, one I got in a homemailer,   and so on.   There are so many coupon sources, if I utilize them all, I do wonderful with just my one set of inserts.   For a list of great places to get coupons, read my Recommended Coupon Sources.

Now, I will admit that every so often, I am guilty of kidnapping newspaper inserts from my mother-in-law, who only uses the yogurt coupons typically, or someone else I know who doesn’t utilize their coupons.   I just can’t see them go to waste.

However, this is also a way to help me coupon with grace.   With limited coupons, I don’t give in to my urge to clear the shelves and I make sure to leave some for the next couponer who comes along.

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1 Maggie March 9, 2010 at 2:46 PM

Great tips. We also only subscribe to one, and on a very rare occasion (usually a 4-5 insert week) I will pick up a second copy in a CVS transaction. My sister gets several sets of coupons each week from the librarians in her small town.

2 Kristie March 10, 2010 at 11:41 AM

I go to a local gas station that I frequent for gas and the occasional fountain pop every Monday morning and voluntarily recycle their Sunday papers. The cashier likes it because she just bags up the papers for me and that way she doesn’t have to drag them out to the dumpster. I usually land around 10-15 inserts for my trouble which I share with the other moms in my small group.

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