Tips for Using and Saving Money with Mail-in-Rebates

by Beth Montgomery on February 7, 2010 · 4 comments

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Rebates can be so much work!   You have make the purchase, then you have to make sure you fill out the form just perfectly or it’s void.   Plus, you have to each and every bit of required proof from the UPC code to the original receipt.   Then you wait…

And wait…

And wait…

And about 6 or more weeks later (if you’re lucky), you finally see the money!

I’ll tell you a secret.   It’s all worth it.

Rebates Can Be Great Money-Makers!

Many don’t realize that rebates can be moneymakers if used correctly.   You see, rebates, unless otherwise stated, send you back your before coupon total if your total purchase price is over the rebate amount.   That means, if you buy something that you plan to submit a rebate on and you use a coupon, you’ll want to make some other purchases to get your over the rebate amount, to make sure you’ll get your full rebate.   If you just wait to the perfect time to use your rebate, they’ll pay you for buying their product.

So when do you use it?

When the product is FREE. It doesn’t matter how it’s free – after ECB or gift card, after coupon, or if you have a try me free coupons.   If it’s free and you get money back – money maker!

Other great times to use your rebate are:

  • B1G1 sales
  • When the product is cheap
  • With products you were going to be regardless

Now, some rebate tips and tricks:

  • Read the fine print CAREFULLY! And follow all instructions.
  • When you decide to take advantage of a rebate, get your envelope with relevant forms ready immediately and put it somewhere you’ll remember, such as in your purse or on your fridge.   Immediately submit for the rebate when you make your purchase, so you don’t forget or procrastinate and miss the deadline.
  • If you’re doing more than one rebate at a time, make sure you separate the purchases. Many rebates require the original receipt, so if you have products on one receipt that qualify for multiple rebates, you’ll only be able to send it in to one.   You can also ask the cashier to print a second receipt at some stores.
  • Call the company, if your rebate doesn’t appear within the time limit.

What if I have trouble with my rebate?

Sometimes the money never arrives. If this happens, the Federal Trade Commission has many great recommendations on what next steps you should take.

Check out the latest rebates to see what’s still available!

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