Blissdom Update #4: OUCH!

by Beth Montgomery on February 5, 2010 · 1 comment

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Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010

While I’m at Blissdom, I’m blogging about my experiences for those of you who wanted to come too, so if you’re looking for frugal posts, scroll on down.   Otherwise… enjoy!

We left off with what everyone wants to hear in the morning… “Honey, weren’t you suppose to get up an hour ago?”.   But, if you missed and want to read how my Blissdom adventure started, start with Blissdom Update #1: Flip Flop Earrings & Busniess Card Debacles, Blissdom Update #2: Loop the Loop, and end with Blissdom Update #3: My World Expands.

You know those cute shoes that don’t hurt your feet?   They have a limit… it’s apparently about 48 hours of walking back and forth through the (as I was informed today) largest hotel in the United States that is not a Casino.   I hope my poor feet can hold out one more day, because I don’t want to wear my coffee-stained mommy shoes.   But, who looks at your feet, right?

Okay, what did I learn today… well, here’s somethings I should have known..

Bloggers love to connect and talk!   They are so easy to approach. Being with this wonderful group of women is as natural as breathing. I was nervous for nothing!

Okay, you want to know what I learned, right?   Well, here’s some highlights from my day:

  • Our keynote speaker, Kevin Carroll, was amazing. He’s changed so many lives for the better with a red ball.   Listening him… well, I can’t even explain. Inspiring!

5 Highlights from Legal, Accounting, and FTC Guidelines:

  1. Disclose, disclose, and did I mention that you need to disclose?
  2. If you earn $1, you’re a business.   File your taxes accordingly and make sure you have everything in line!
  3. Claim ordinary and necessary business expenses, including travel, gas, 50% of meals, etc…
  4. If you have policies on your site, follow them! Or change them!
  5. And, did I tell you to disclose?

5 Highlights from Connecting w/ Your Readers:

  1. Link to other sites, like your top referrers. They’ll link back!
  2. Get to know your readers. Visit their blogs. Comment. Talk with them.
  3. Other blogs aren’t competitors. They are allies. Connect with them and even partner with them.
  4. Be genuine and real.
  5. Tweet, Facebook, Blog Frog… basically, social networks!

5 Highlights from Community Powerhouses:

  1. A forum is a wonderful tool to connect your readers to each other.
  2. Survey you’re readers to find out who they are (so expect a survey soon!)
  3. Reach out to local media.
  4. Be a real person on Twitter & Facebook. Don’t just auto-feed posts!
  5. Moderate your comments and forums to build the community you want.

And… the top 5 Highlights from Savvy Blogging:

  1. Twitter… (are you seeing a theme here???)
  2. Monetize your blog through various avenues. Not just affiliate networks.
  3. SEO is about key words. Say them over and over in your posts and keep your titles clean. Not cutesy!
  4. Show your readers you aren’t perfect. They’ll connect with you more.
  5. Don’t be afraid to approach other bloggers, PR contacts, companies, etc…

And I love the Blissdom sponsors!   They have so many wonderful freebies for me, but they know most of us are mom’s so they didn’t forget our adorable kids.   I have cute t-shirts, pacifiers, color changing bowls, feather boas, fruity lip gloss, candy, sippy cups, and so much more.   My kids are going to be so excited.

Okay, I hit the parties tonight and met more amazing bloggers, but now I’m dead on my feet and have another BIG day tomorrow, so I’m hitting the hay. Night!

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