Blissdom Update #3: My World Expands

by Beth Montgomery on February 4, 2010

in Frugal Living

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010

While I’m at Blissdom, I’m blogging about my experiences for those of you who wanted to come too, so if you’re looking for frugal posts, scroll on down.   Otherwise… enjoy!

We left off with what everyone wants to hear in the morning… “Honey, weren’t you suppose to get up an hour ago?”.   But, if you missed and want to read how my Blissdom adventure started, start with Blissdom Update #1: Flip Flop Earrings & Busniess Card Debacles and then to Blissdom Update #2: Loop the Loop.

Did you realize there are blogs out there that aren’t frugal blogs????   Okay, I did.   I knew it.   But, I live the frugal life. I visit the frugal blogs. I follow them on Twitter.   It’s my life. I’m emerged in it… obviously a bit too much, because   I expected at least half of the women here to be frugal bloggers, but in my first workshop, there was only one other.   Business cards are flying at me left and right, so I’m trying hard not to horde my precious few. I’m finding some wonderful new blogs to read. I’d list them, but there are just too many. I wouldn’t know where to start!

Now, what you really want to know… and it’s not about my crazy trip.

My Inspirational Writing Workshop was truly inspiring.   It made me want to come here and and just start spilling my heart out to you.

Overall, here’s my 5 favorite highlights

  • Sometime short & sweet is all you need.
  • Be passionate, not impulsive in your writing.
  • Live life. Don’t just hang by the computer. Get out and about and you’ll get inspired.
  • Connect with your readers.   Know them.   Learn who they are.   Reach out.
  • Sometimes your worst ideas become your bests works. Don’t delete them too quickly.

And, on a side note, you’d really think a blogging conference would have thought about outlets for laptops!   Without a power strip, I’m wondering how long I’ll last tomorrow.

Get inspired!   You can read some of the amazing works these women have written on their blogs – Moosh in Indy and Adventures in Baby Wearing. Some of them made me cry they were so moving!

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