Blissdom Update #2: Loop the Loop

by Beth Montgomery on February 4, 2010

in Frugal Living

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010

While I’m at Blissdom, I’m blogging about my experiences for those of you who wanted to come too, so if you’re looking for frugal posts, scroll on down.   Otherwise… enjoy!

We left off with what everyone wants to hear in the morning… “Honey, weren’t you suppose to get up an hour ago?”.   But, if you missed and want to read how my Blissdom adventure started, start with Blissdom Update #1: Flip Flop Earrings & Busniess Card Debacles.

I didn’t jump out of bed. I flew.   I went into warp speed.   Luckily, before Blissdom, I got it into my head to perm my hair, and the “I just stuck my finger in a lock socket” look doesn’t take much time at all. In fact, if I try to spend time on it, it looks the same, just bigger.   I skipped making coffee and settled for Mountain Dew.   I longed for breakfast, but grabbed a granola bar.

And, I was in my car less than an hour later and there it was… Daelan’s reflux medicine squished between the seats where it must have fallen.   I knew, I’d made my husband late, so I didn’t even bother to ask.   I just drove in the wrong direction, straight to my in-laws to drop it off.   After another round of kisses and grabbing some real coffee (Mt. Dew is not a substitute), I was on my way for real.

I don’t have GPS.   I have every other form of technology, but for some reason, not that one.   But, I had my handy Yahoo Map.   I’m usually good with directions… I thought.   But, when my map said to exit at an exit that didn’t exist, I spent a few minutes driving in loops on a few exit ramps.   After one loop that sent my coffee into the air and all over my well thought out outfit, I made a decision and went with it.   And then, I was on my way for real… again…

My outfit… sigh… I read the fashion tips, the packing suggestions… they said to bring one pair of jeans that would go with many shirts.   And I was wearing them.   And they were dripping in coffee.   But, I wasn’t going to think about it.   I tried hard to tear apart my homemade business cards that didn’t turn out too badly.   It took me about a half an hour to calm down and get composed, and out of warp speed, when I realized, I was in the car alone, listening to Radio Disney. Oh to get the pick the radio station! What a luxury!

I drove in highway hypnosis.   Five hours in a straight line… well, it’s not for me.   I prefer turns and curves.   I knew I entered Kentucky when the stoplights changed from yellow to black.   Something that always, for some odd reason, caught my attention.   Then trees gave way to walls of rock.   Rolling hills with deep valleys appeared.   And it seemed like the only stations I could tune in were country… so I went it.

It took one pile-up and some poky drivers, but I made it to Tennessee.   That’s when I started to leave my highway hypnosis to pay attention to my surroundings.   The closest exit read 108. I looked at my paper… I was supposed to get off at 90 after I drove 275 miles.   My speedometer was no where near that.   I looked at the clock.   I drive fast… but not that fast.   But somehow, I made it and I was only 45 minutes later than planned.

The hotel… well, it probably has it’s own zip code.   I drove around it… and around it again… I saw where I was suppose to go, but signs that said “$18 to park” kept flipping a frugal blogger like me out!   I had to pay $18 to park my own car at a hotel I was paying to stay at??? Had I accidentally detoured to New York?   Chicago? I’m not naive.   I used to travel up to 5 days a week in my pre-stay-at-home mom days.   I bit the bullet and parked.

My   hair had grown on the drive.   My clothes were stained badly.   I had my homemade business cards.   My eyes were bloodshot (and still are) from lack of sleep.   Yeah, I was that person.

But, I made it.   You know things are bad when they hand you a map at registration and then feel the need to explain it.   But, the good news is that I think it will only take me about an hour to get back to the lobby from my room if I walk quickly.

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