Blissdom Update #1: Flip Flop Earrings & Business Card Debacles

by Beth Montgomery on February 4, 2010 · 1 comment

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Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010

So many of you asked.   You wanted to be a fly on the wall at this meeting, so I’m planning to share the ups and downs, as well as some of what I learn, while I’m away on my trips!   But, you’re getting it all… from start to finish…

I had a plan, of course.   Monday, I was going to clean the house, so Scott had a clean slate to mess up. Tuesday, I had to run errands – grocery shopping and all that.   Plus, sometime Tuesday, I was going to seriously consider updating a few pieces of my “stay-at-home mommy wardrobe” for the conference. And Wednesday was for fun with my girls and packing.   Then Thursday, I’d be off early and there with time to chill before I emerged myself in Bliss.

Sounds nice, right?   Except, that’s not how it went…

Friday, my little man was coughing.   With high-grade reflux, that’s nothing new to us, so we ignored it.   By Monday, when I should have be cleaning, I was cuddling him.   He seemed so needy.   Then, as the day went on, I started to realize, it was sounding more like croup.   Dreams of Blissdom started to fade, since I knew I couldn’t leave, nor could I take my sick baby.   By the end of the day though, it did calm down enough for me to realize my business cards that should have arrived were no where in sight.

Tuesday, I got an appointment at the pediatrician who gave me good, but bad news. Yes, he had a little cold.   But it wasn’t croup.   His reflux had flared up enough it had filled his ears and given him a double ear infection, plus caused some problems with his lungs.   Ten minutes later, I was the proud owner of my very own nebulizer and enough medicine to open my own pharmacy.   But, she said, by the time I left on Thursday, he’s be so much better.   I hoped.   But he was so much more important than a conference.   And those business cards – lost in transit!

By the end of the day on Tuesday, Daelan was already almost his old self. He was smiling, laughing, and playing without so much coughing and crying.   I felt comfortable enough to tackle that whole “stay-at-home mommy wardrobe”.   But, the day had trickled down and I knew time would be limited, so I called for back-up.   You see, that whole “style gene” skipped me.   And knowing my own weaknesses, I knew I’d end up looking like an old lady if I shopped by   myself in a hurry.   So, in a desperate attempt to avoid the old lady look, I called one of the coolest people I know – my Grandma. I know, sad but true.   She is way more stylish than I am.

I pulled out a Macy’s gift card I’d won (hey, I am still frugal!) and hit the mall with her.   She kept dragging me out of my comfort zone (the clearance section) and pulling things off the rack that I never would have glanced at, let alone worn!   But, “try them on” she insisted, so I did.   And I looked cute.   So I gave up and gave myself over to her.   She even found a pair of adorable high heels that were actually comfortable for only $7!   I know! Comfortable high-heels?!?   I didn’t know they existed.   I was armed with fashion and I even had time to get some business cards ordered locally.

Wednesday, like promised, Daelan was doing wonderful, so I was relaxing a bit.   I looked at the to do list – errands, cleaning, etc… and threw it away.   Instead, when a tiny nose touched mine at 7:00 AM and said in a whisper, “Mommy, can I wake up?”, I grabbed her and pulled her in bed with me to do our special “mmmm, mmmm kisses”.   When my 5 year old joined us, we headed downstairs to fill our arms with cereal, yogurt cups, granola bars, and juice. Then climbed in my bed and enjoyed a thrown together breakfast in bed with card games and The Bachelor (I know, I’m a bad influence!).

We started packing, but my future divas first wanted a fashion show to see my new clothes. Daelan sat nearby, looking at us like we were nuts and laughing.   They helped me decide what to wear when and picked out some jewelry.   Unfortunately, my “glitter loving, bling wearing, a tutu goes with everything” daughters, only approved two of my outfits.   The others were “so boring”.   They tried hard to convince me to just wear the skirt every day.   Finally, with a sigh, they gave one last desperate attempt to help mom.   Izy kindly offered me her pink “Hello Kitty” necklace, that didn’t quite fit around my big neck.   But, it only took her a few seconds to decide she wanted to take that to Grandma’s anyway.   Ady was more persistent.   Not only did she inform me that her purple flip flop earrings would spice up my outfits, she insisted I put them on immediately so I wouldn’t “for get your jewelry like you always do”. Sigh… how well she knows me.

I finished packing, while I gave the girls missions, like “go find a pair of socks fit for a princess”.   Then we were done.   My wardrobe of “drab” blacks and browns (that I loved!) was ready, much to my girls’ displeasure.   Ady, my sensible dresser, packed her sparkly jeans and Hannah Montana and Hello Kitty tops. Izy, my more bold dresser, packed almost-lime green pants, fuchsia pants, cotton candy pink pants, and lavender pants, along with equally startling tops.

I tucked them in for naps, since I knew they’d be up partying late a Grandma’s and started trying hard to fit the 3 days of blogging I’d missed into one!   The girls rose and were in the playroom, when suddenly the temperature in the playroom dropped and they came out to inform me that only hot chocolate could warm them up.   For some reason, this happens a lot in our playroom. So, I reached past the “just add water” hot chocolate to make them the real stuff with creamy milk and marshmallows.     I sat down on the kitchen table, saying, “Leave the cups here, so you don’t spill them somewhere.”

They say hindsight is 20/20.   I stood there and watched as Izy reached up her small hand, past Ady’s hot chocolate, to grab her own. Ady’s tipped.   I couldn’t stop it.   I wasn’t quick enough.   Hot chocolate flooded the table, covering my power cords, cell phone, and new business cards.   Izy crumbled.   I looked at her.   I looked at the blotchy cards and I knew what I had to do.   I dropped to my knees, cuddled her close and said, “They are only card.   You didn’t mean to do it.   I’m not mad at all, honey.”   It took a while, since big sister was right there saying, “No, you said they were important, Mom. Now no one at your meeting will remember you!”.   Thanks Ady! :)

We cleaned up.   The phone and cords still worked find.   The cards were goners, but I couldn’t throw away, so I laid them out to dry.   Then, I threw everyone in the car in time to hit the appointment for my oil change.   After, I ran by Staples to grab some printable business cards and off to meet my husband who has been stuck at work for too long, for dinner.   With the to-do list growing and too many delays, we didn’t go to my favorite Mexican restaurant.   Instead, we settled for Taco Bell, then off to my in-laws to drop off the kids!

Even that didn’t go as planned.   I wanted to use her wonderful photo printer to hopefully get some classy looked homemade business cards.   What I got was 2 paper jams, 3 shredded sheets of cards, a few lopsided ones, some… well, it was ugly.   Out of 160 cards, I managed to salvage 71.   I wasn’t even averaging 50%.   And it took HOURS, but 71 is better than nothing right?

I made it home at midnight and tried to finish my to-do list, so I wasn’t rushing in the morning.   Next thing I knew it was 2:30 AM. I laid in bed doing the “if I go to bed right now, I’ll get 6 hours of sleep”… “5 hours of sleep”… “4 hours of sleep…”, then the next thing I knew I heard, “Honey, weren’t you suppose to get up an hour ago?”

Okay! I’m off to my first workshop – Inspirational Writing with Hallmark.   But, this story and what’s going on at Blissdom is to be continued… (when I have time!).

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