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by Beth Montgomery on February 16, 2010 · 4 comments

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Do you have any easy ways to save money on my UPromise account? I’ve had it for years, but very little savings.

– Question from the In Good Cents Reader’s Survey


When it comes to UPromise my advice is to go all out! What many don’t realize is how many ways you can earn money through UPromise. It’s not just about your grocery cards, though that is part of it.   You can also earn money by buying gas, using coupons, traveling, eating out, shopping online, and so much more.

So, here are my top 10 tips for maximizing your UPromise promise account to get the most out of it.

    1.) Register Loyalty Cards

    Sign-up for and register all your grocery and pharmacy loyalty cards for participating stores such as Marsh, O’Malias, Meijer, CVS Pharmacy, Netgrocer, and many more. Even if you rarely shop there, register the card! You   never know when you might pick something up that will earn you some money back.

    2) e-Coupons

    At the beginning of the month, load the UPromise grocery coupons onto your grocery and pharmacy loyalty cards.   That way, you won’t have to remember when you decide to buy something or if you impulse shop.   Remember, UPromise coupons can be stacked with any other coupon(s)!

    3) Preferred Diner Program

    Participate in the preferred diner program.   Whenever you dine at a participating restaurant, you’ll earn a percent back.   In the mood to go out, but don’t have a coupon or a plan to save money? Check out the list of participating restaurants to help you decide where to dine, so at least you are getting money back for spending money. Plus, earn $5 back for every $50 you spend now through the end of March, 2010.

    4) Online Shopping & Turbo Saver

    Whenever you shop online for anything, head to the UPromise website to see of the store you’ll be making your purchase from is a participating store that will give you cash back for your purchases.   Always try to shop online through UPromise whenever possible. Upromise has a new program called TurboSaver that you can load onto your computer. It will notify you when there are coupons available, free shopping offers, and more while you are on a participating partner’s site. That way, you won’t miss an opportunity to get money back.

    5) Let Others Contribute

    Register your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone else you can think of!   They can be earning money for you too.   Send them an invitation through UPromise or do what I did and when you’re visiting with them, raid their purses and wallets for their cards and then (with their permission, of course) sign them up yourself!

    6) You Shopping Link

    While you’re signing up friends and family, send them your guest shopping link too. They can earn you money back when they shop online through your link.

    7) The Credit Card

    Sign up for the UPromise credit card and use it to make all your purchases to get an extra 1% back on every purchase no matter where you shop plus an extra 10% back on grocery items and dining.   If you aren’t a fan of credit cards, like me, then just remember to pay it off each month, so you don’t build up debt. Honestly, it was when we made this move, that I actually started seeing the biggest results with my UPromise account.

    8) Other Credit Cards & Debit Cards

    Don’t want to use the UPromise credit card?   Or have other credit cards?   Register them too!   In fact, register every credit card you use. You can even register your business cards, if you have one you use for business purchases.

    9) Gift Cards

    When you get them, register your gift cards as well.   Some participating stores give you a percent back on purchases made with gift cards, like McDonald’s.   You could even buy a gift card from a participating retailer when you plan on shopping there to get the money in your account instead of spending cash.

    10) Invest!

    Read up on your own state’s college savings plans and 529 plans. Then, when you have the money, open an account for your child to start earning interest. Keep in mind, some fees may apply, so make sure you have the income to cover the fees, so you aren’t losing money instead of earning it.

      Still need help?   Check out your UPromise transaction list online. It has tips for you personally, tell you how you could have made more money on a particular transaction.

      In the end, UPromise isn’t going to earn you all of the money you’ll need to send your children to college.   So, look into other options as well and talk to a financial planner, if necessary.

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